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In-Home Care: A Care Plan Customized to Your Needs

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Q: When should my family consider in-home care?
A: If you notice cognitive, physical or environmental changes happening with your loved one, such as repetitive discussions, loss of appetite, mobility troubles, depression or loneliness or the living environment in disarray or unmanaged, your loved one may need increased care. At Premier Custom Care, our goal is to help the persons needing care to remain safe and comfortable in their own home while also paying special attention to any challenges that may be involved with their current condition. 

Q: How can you help a family member who is a primary caregiver for a loved one?
A: Being the primary caregiver can be equal parts rewarding and draining. It’s really important to give yourself a break or seek out support, to make sure you find some time for yourself. We can provide temporary or ongoing relief through visits covering blocks of time, which is by the hour, or larger time frames for longer relief or vacations. Our custom-to-you care plans are already well suited for those families needing respite care, because we custom build a care plan unique to your situation and needs.

Written by: Alysha Jackson

Alysha Jackson started Premier Custom Care in 2010 after going through a difficult situation during which extra help was needed, but tough to find beyond her closest family and friends. Through Premier Custom Care, she is happy and proud to help families throughout the Kansas City metro area who need help caring for their loved ones. While most of the time Premier Custom Care provides custom in-home care for seniors, they have the experience and capabilities to help people of all ages. Learn more about their approach and the services offered at