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Recapturing Youthful Energy!

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Q: Why do I not have the energy and drive I had when I was younger?
A: The simple answer: testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and the decline of this hormone in men is known as andropause, which is sometimes referred to as the male version of menopause. Testosterone production starts to decrease in males at age 30 and then decreases more dramatically around age 40 to 55. The most common complaint is low sexual desire or libido. Men may also start to have other symptoms of low testosterone including low energy level, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass and weight gain. Low testosterone levels have also been associated with increased LDL (bad cholesterol) and increased cardiovascular risk.

Q: How can I improve my energy, libido and mental clarity?
A: We suggest using bio-identical hormone pellets to improve the symptoms of low hormone levels in both male and female patients. Conventional male hormone treatments are administered by injections or topical gels applied to the skin. These treatments are synthetic hormones and are not custom tailored to what your body needs. Our solution allows us to customize your dose to provide your body with a steady level of hormones without the highs and lows associated with other treatments. Bio-identical hormone pellets provide a well-tolerated and convenient treatment that closely mirrors what the human body once did naturally, restoring your youthful energy and drive.

Written by: Laura Ray, M.D.

Dr. Laura Ray is board certified in family medicine and has a keen interest in hormone replacement therapy. She believes that every patient deserves to be in a partnership with a provider who they feel connected to and feel they can trust with their life. Each patient has the right and responsibility to be fully involved in their healthcare, giving her the opportunity to practice medicine with her patients, not for her patients. By treating the whole patient with warmth, understanding and compassion; Dr. Ray’s goal is to ensure a more positive outcome for everyone. For information on hormone pellets, visit