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Don’t Skip Your Annual Mammogram!

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Q: Should I postpone my mammogram due to COVID-19?
A: In a word: NO! As the pandemic stretches on, it is important to remember that, for average-risk women between the ages of 40 to 74, annual mammography has decreased breast cancer mortality in the U.S. by 40 percent. Skipping a year can give breast cancer more time to grow before it’s detected, leading to larger tumors and a worse prognosis. You will want to make sure your center has safety protocols in place. At Imaging for Women, we have in-car check in, a virtual waiting room, private dressing rooms, temperature checks, symptom screening, mask requirements for all patients and staff as well as stringent cleaning policies. 

Q: I have dense breast tissue. Is supplemental screening covered by insurance?
A: Great news: this year Missouri passed legislation requiring coverage of ultrasound or MRI services when determined by a physician to be medically necessary for any woman deemed by the doctor to have an above-average risk of breast cancer. Dense breast tissue increases your risk for breast cancer and also makes it more difficult to detect. If you have dense breast tissue, make sure you talk with your doctor about additional screening. It could save your life!

Written by: Allison Zupon, MD

Allison Zupon, MD, is a board-certified radiologist at Imaging for Women. Dr. Zupon completed a year-long fellowship training in breast imaging at the University of Kansas Health System. Dr. Zupon is part of a team of trained, dedicated breast experts at Imaging for Women.