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Brows: Front and Center written by Summer Serrano Photo Above by Amber Derry

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Written by Summer Serrano

Can I get back my full brow shape naturally?

Good news! YES! Given that there isn’t an underlying health condition and you’re able to ditch those tweezers, it’s possible. With a legit brow expert, it can take anywhere from 3 to 18 months to see the maximum growth potential. Consistently spaced brow shaping with the same professional will make the biggest difference in getting the brow growth patterns to align, allowing your brow shape to gradually fill back in over time.

What is the quickest way to enhance the appearance of my brows?

This is a two-part answer. If you’re looking to avoid the semi-permanent route of the trending microbladed brow, a brow powder that’s one shade lighter than your natural color is a simple option to make those babies stand out subtly or boldly. Powders are my favorite medium since their application is gentler than other products on the market. They last longer, too! Brow pencils can tug on the hair, which can lead to thinning, especially in the areas we are often more concerned about, such as the inner most point of the brows and tails. Of course, we don’t want that!

Brow tinting is hair color formulated specifically for the brow to richen their appearance and even has the opportunity to tint the lighter fuzzies surrounding the brow so every hair can participate in the shape. This is where your colorist or esthetician will come into play and results last three to six weeks. ■

Summer Serrano is the owner and solo esthetician behind Sassy Face KC, located near Oak Park Mall. Brow design and waxing are at the top of Summer’s most coveted service offerings. Her brow experience exceeds her time as a licensed esthetician; you can trust that you’re scheduling with a professional who always has the integrity and longevity of your brow shape in mind. Email with any questions. Follow me for more! / @sassyfacekc /