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Q: What does a toner/gloss do and how often should I have it done?

A: Everyone is different, so we take certain factors into consideration. The frequency of toning/glossing your hair depends on factors including your hair’s natural color, the desired shade, your home care products, and how much heat you use. We use these guidelines to determine how quickly your hair tends to fade or develop unwanted tones. At Jules & Zoa Statement Salon, we recommend every four to eight weeks based on some of those factors. Here are some general guidelines.

• Blonde or lightened hair: Blonde or lightened hair may need to tone/gloss every four to six weeks to neutralize brassiness and maintain your desired shade. However, this can vary based on factors such as your hair’s porosity and the type of toner/gloss used.

• Gray or silver hair: Toning can help neutralize any yellow or brassy tones and keep your color looking vibrant. You may need to tone/gloss your hair every four to six weeks or as needed to combat any unwanted hues.

• Lived-in Color: It’s meant to give longevity with fewer long appointments of highlights/balayage. But to keep the tone fresh and maintain hair health, we would recommend toning/gloss every eight weeks. It makes a big difference in bringing the color back to life.

• Hair health: It’s important to consider the health of your hair when deciding how often to tone it. Over-toning or using toning shampoos with harsh chemicals too frequently can lead to dryness, damage and breakage. Be mindful of your hair’s condition and adjust your toning frequency accordingly.

Consult with your stylist and ask what’s best for you based on these factors. At Jules & Zoa Statement Salon, we use the terminology Gloss. Our gloss is a gentle acid-balanced base buffered to an alkaline pH that works synergistically with acidic molecules, offering the best of both worlds. The result is unprecedented shine, conditioning and color longevity with zero lift, guaranteed!

Q: Should I wash my hair before I get it colored?

A: YES! In fact, at Jules & Zoa Statement Salon, we highly recommend clarifying your hair prior to your color appointment. Coming in with fresh hair has many benefits. When your hair is full of product and natural oils, the color cannot penetrate into the hair shaft as well, causing inconsistent results. Clean and clarified hair allows better lift for highlights/balayage and improved absorption for longer-lasting results, especially for gray coverage. Finally, clean hair and scalp will help with sensitivities for those prone to skin reactions and contribute to longer-lasting results. If you are looking for better color results ask your hair professional about clarifying treatments and home care. Our salon and client favorite is Purify from Surface Hair Health.







Jules Moore, owner and stylist of Jules & Zoa Statement Style Salon, knows that the profession of a stylist can be very intimate. While getting up close and personal on a physical level, the stylists at Jules & Zoa make every client comfortable enough to share insecurities and work to help minimize their worries. Collectively as a team, we strive to bring out your best self. It is our goal to help you feel welcomed and loved so we can best help you feel confidently beautiful.
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