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Locks and Pulls: Decorative Hardware to Personalize Your Home

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Q: My current home has exposed cabinet hinges that are about 25 years old. I really like the sleeker look of more modern cabinets with hidden hinges. Can I convert them?
A: Because there are hundreds of styles and sizes of hinges, the best option is for you to bring us one of your current hinges and we can then determine your possibilities. If you are refinishing or repainting, chances are that any existing holes or hinge prep can be filled, and the cabinets can be fitted for current products. If not, hinges with the newer finishes are now available that can retrofit into old preps and match most of today’s popular products, styles and finishes.   

Q: I am updating the door and cabinet hardware in my home but want to make sure that I don’t affect the future resale value. What colors and styles should I use?
A: It’s a valid concern, but it’s certainly not critical to your decision. Both door and cabinet hardware are absolutely two of the most economical improvements you can incorporate in an updating project. The good news is that they make one of the biggest visual differences. Let your style sense be your guide. Chances are pretty strong that whoever might purchase your home in the future will want to make their own changes. Ultimately, each individual has their own style and taste and should follow that to make their home comfortable and a place they want to be.

Written by: John Hensley

Locks and Pulls owner John Hensley finds that satisfying customer needs is the most rewarding aspect of his career to date. Locks and Pulls opened its doors 30 years ago as a supplier of door and miscellaneous hardware to area contractors. Today, with more than 1,500 selections of cabinet hardware and 40 options for door hardware in stock, as well as two locations to cover the metro area, they have become the largest decorative hardware distributor in a multi-state area.