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Planning Tips from a Wedding Professional

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Q: My wedding day will be long. How can I make sure my makeup lasts through the laughs, happy tears and dancing on cloud nine?
A: Hiring a professional is your first step. A true professional will take the time at a preview appointment to talk through what your skin is like on a daily basis, what you like and hate about makeup, what you want to look like on the white carpet and all the weather and location factors of your day. They will determine the best professional products to use and which application is best specifically for you. An oil-free setting spray gives you extra insurance for your lasting look. You will want to grab some powder and your signature lip color to touch up with, though. Here’s a pro tip: Starbucks napkins are fab for blotting sweat and oil without the worry of taking off your beautiful makeup.

Q: I want my bridal party to be pampered but can’t afford to pay for both their hair and makeup on my day. What should I do?
A: If it’s important to you to have everyone feel ready for the white carpet, choose to pay for either hair or makeup for them as their bridesmaid gift and give them the option of paying for the other service. Our White Carpet Brides do it all ways. Just make sure you nail down final numbers and communicate with your artists months in advance so they can plan your starting time and number of team members appropriately! Pro tip: Your beauty team commonly takes care of more than one wedding party in a day, so be courteous and communicate openly.

Written by: Mikayla Crane

Mikayla Crane, her incredibly supportive husband, Jeremiah, and their children are KC natives and love this city! “Growing up in a family of all girls, I never remember a time where I was not playing bride and getting into all kinds of lovely shades of blue eye shadow,” she says. “I quite possibly had my entire wedding planned by the time I was six. Having high standards of excellence and keeping ahead of the trend curve fuel my passion. Helping a bride and her girlies look and feel absolutely stunning is my devotion. When I meet you, I want to know everything. I want to know your inspiration, your color story, what your florals are going to look like, your engagement story, your favorite cup of coffee! I want to take it all and create your perfect wedding day look.”