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Choosing the Right Interior Designer

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Q: What does hiring an interior designer entail?
A: Every designer works differently. I start every project with an initial on-site consultation. This meeting is especially important for building a client-designer ethos, in addition to relationship building. It’s a great time for the client to voice their challenges and vision for the space. Hiring an interior designer should take the stress out of the design process.

When hiring an interior designer, the client should count on guidance with space planning, furniture specifications, color palette and custom-designed pieces and window treatments. An experienced interior designer will keep the lines of communication open. 

The final stage of the design process will be the installation and it’s imperative that the interior designer be present when the delivery is made. A good designer will be with you every step of the way. Designing a room can be quite intimidating and it’s the designer’s job to make this process as smooth as possible for each client.

Q: What is the initial design consultation, and as a client how should I prepare?
A: The initial consultation is a perfect time to discuss what you envision for your home. It is imperative that you take a moment to write down all of the activities that take place in the rooms that have been selected for redesign, because this will assist the interior designer in space planning and furniture specification. In addition, discuss how many people occupy the home and if you have pets and children, because better-suited fabrics can be specified for furniture and drapery.

As a design client, you should feel comfortable with your chosen designer and vice versa. I keep a vast portfolio of previous client’s homes and reviews on my website and review them with my new clients to provide them with a sense of value and to get an understanding for their style. A frequent question is, “What is your design style”? My response is always, “More importantly, what is yours”? My education and experience allow me to design in any style. This is your home and should reflect what your style is, not mine.

Kim Rice is an award-winning luxury interior designer known for the extraordinary customer service and unique interiors she provides to prominent clients throughout Johnson County. R. Designs, launched in 2005, provides services ranging from project management and space planning to color consultations and custom furniture specification. The company is backed by an elite team of remodelers, wallpaper experts, tile specialists, painters, drapery fabricators and other trade professionals. A graduate of the University of South Dakota, Kim is the winner of numerous international and national design awards.