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Gallery V: A First-Hand Taste of the Art Experience

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Q: How do you go about finding art for your gallery?
A: Various resources over a 20-year history create a good collection. Some artists find me; I find others through trade events or by jurying art shows at the local and national level and some through my artists’ own referrals. 

My main goal in curating is to search for exceptional talent, for artists who are as passionate about creating art as they are good business professionals. In making selections, I look for art that has collectability in the sense of broad appeal and art that I believe will hold intrigue and value for years to come.


Q: As a novice to art collecting, how do I shop for art through a gallery? I’m not sure I even know what I want. How can you make the process less intimidating?
A: Art galleries are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? It is our job to help clients find answers to questions. Sometimes they may not even know what to ask. We want you to feel comfortable to come in any time, peruse and inquire. You don’t need to be an expert in art. There are also many options beyond what is seen on the walls. We’ll help you to uncover your interests and what feels right for your particular personality and surroundings. Gallery V in-home art consultation service allows you to see your favorite artworks within your space during the art selecting process. Seeing art in its actual environment is so helpful. First and foremost, however, we suggest, buy what you love, not what matches. You’ll then love your art far beyond the changing trends.

Written by: Valerie Phillips

In 2014, owner/curator Valerie Phillips opened Gallery V Fine Arts, a contemporary art gallery at Mission Farms. With a rich background in art and design and 20 years in the gallery industry, she loves sharing her passion for art and eye for originality. Pairing people with perfect selections that express their own individuality and home environment is a joy and a Gallery V daily mission. Gallery V offers a multitude of art options for walls or tabletop, from painting, sculpture, glass and ceramic to jewelry and handcrafted gifts. Special events open to the public include artist shows, demos, educational workshops and book signings. Gallery V also provides in-home art consultations, special commissions, pet portraiture and custom jewelry design. Open Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment.