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Once on a routine flight out of Denver, the pilot jokingly announced, “We’ve reached our cruising altitude now, and I’m turning off the seat belt sign. I’m switching to autopilot, too, so I can come back there and visit with all of you for the rest of the flight.

While you might not find comfort in having your pilot leave the cockpit on your next adventure in travel, wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave the controls to someone else when you’re ready to embark on your next journey?

However, if you’re like most women, planning a vacation typically becomes more of a trip, as we’re usually the ones at the controls, from start to finish. Consider your checklist: Check for flights; schedule the flights; pack for everyone in the house; make sure everyone is ready on time; plan every day from sun up to sun down so no one in your travel party is disappointed and let down; take the blame when things go awry; and return home feeling as if you never really got away. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably among the group of women who want to get away but find it to be too much work, and since when should a vacation be work?

Why Worry about Travel?
If you have to really think about the last time you took a vacation, then Kim Beaupre, owner of AdventureHER Travel, has the perfect answer for you. Through her exciting business, she encourages her clients to LIVE with promise, LOVE with passion, LAUGH with pleasure and CELEBRATE to the fullest. If those key words were not on your previous agenda, then prepare to be amazed. Kim’s sense of adventure is typically on full throttle and she’s ready to share in the fun and excitement with you while she does all the work for you.

Why take a trip with Kim? For starters, she has a certified international tour management degree; she has 25 years in education and has conducted numerous training for teachers. In other words, she’s a skilled planner, instructor, advisor and event planner. She can take you to the state next door or to an exotic location half a world away while making sure the main thing you pack is peace of mind. Plus, she’s a bundle of energy and just so much fun.

Let Go of Travel Stress
If you want a real vacation without the excess baggage of stress and turmoil as you journey from just the front door to your driveway, then let Kim do the work for you. Her organized, confident, concise and detail oriented approach to planning the most exciting adventures of a lifetime you may ever encounter will make you wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” When you pack for one of these incredible adventures, your checklist should include ideas, plans, desires and hopes. Forget
about any limitations you think you might have, as Kim will show you how to defy them! “I believe that when women travel with husbands and kids in tow, they are still the primary caretaker,” said Kim. “AdventureHER Travel is about taking care of YOU and bonding with other women who speak the same language. I want you to fall in love with being a woman.”

When you pick an excursion with AdventureHER Travel, you’re in good hands, as every detail is taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about anything except how much fun and excitement you are going to have. Whether you choose an adventure to Costa Rica, Martha’s Vineyard, California Wine Country or New York City, Kim tailors the experiences to meet the needs, while exceeding the expectations, of each woman. AdventureHER Travel is the go-to travel planning company that is perfect for that next mother/ daughter; college reunion; social group or extended family with sisters and cousins vacation.

And don’t worry if you think you have to plan to be away for an extended period of time. Kim has travel packages that can be enjoyed over a long weekend, such as the Six in the City (New York City) adventure. “I can get you on a plane to New York City on a Thursday afternoon and give you two exciting days in the city to see shows, dine out and explore and get you back on a plane going home by Sunday,” Kim smiled.

Kim’s Generous Nature
Kim’s giving personality shines not only on her adventures but also in her philanthropic endeavors. She donates a percentage of each tour package to disadvantaged women and their families and is equally passionate abut women who are serving in the military.

So if you’re ready for an adventure of a lifetime, contact AdventureHER Travel today. If anyone understands that life is a journey, it’s Kim, and she wants to share that with you. HLM

For more information on Kim Beaupre and AdventureHER Travel, go online at or call 720-384-7136.