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Find Your Fit at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

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Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to dust off the New Year’s resolutions list from last year to see what stuck with you. For many of us, working out and losing weight consistently seem to top the list, but how many of us actually stick to the plan? It’s no secret that finding an exercise program that you enjoy and will continue is not always easy, but once you take the first step, you’re headed in the right direction. It does require motivation and discipline on your part, but when you have an active partner encouraging you to keep moving, your chances for success are greatly improved.
In addition to that high level of commitment required of yourself, you also need to make sure that boredom and routine don’t sabotage your efforts. Running five miles or hopping on an exercise bicycle for 30 minutes every day can become uninspiring if not met with the proper dose of enthusiasm and motivation. If you want to stick to your fitness and weight loss goals in 2016, your potential for success can be found at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club.

“A multipurpose health club can be a great choice because you can vary your workouts,” emphasized Tiffany Levine, the club’s Director of Marketing and PR. “The benefit to having different fitness options under one roof is that you’re less likely to get bored with your workout regimen and variety keeps it fun and interesting.” Greenwood offers a host of small group or individualized exercise options from which to choose, making your weekly calendar of workout sessions a bountiful menu of fun and inspiration. You can take a yoga class one day and go for a swim the next. You can participate in a small training class or do some cardio on your own.

And if excuses have slowed you down or completely derailed your efforts in the past, Greenwood has the perfect response. If you have injured your knee or hurt your foot, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to
stop working out altogether. Swimming laps or lifting weights may make for a perfect alternative workout.

“Another key to a consistent workout is having options that fit into your busy life,” noted Tiffany. Greenwood’s executive locker rooms, complete with showers, steam room, blow dryers and all the amenities you need, can help you easily transition from home to gym and to work or out for a night on the town.

At Greenwood, you also have the social component of working out, so not only will you feel that others are right there with you as you sweat away on the treadmill or exercise bike, but you just might forge a few friendships along the way. Having a workout buddy also ensures that you will be more likely to hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals.

Variety is the spice of life, even when it comes to your workouts, and Greenwood has discovered that the members who are the most consistent with their regimens participate in a variety of workouts to fuel their motivation. Member Jane Liner has been coming to Greenwood every week since 1993. “Working out is actually my hobby, and that’s why I do so many different things,” said Jane, referring to her passion for Bosu, step classes, cycling, Pilates, yoga, Barre and weight training. Jane is appreciative of Pilates instructors Sherri Fast and Shannon Lents Schultz and her personal trainer, Tristan Mitchell, all of whom have continually inspired her to keep on moving. “Greenwood feels like home to me. I hope I’m able to work out in some fashion here until I take my last breath.”

Jennifer Efremov has been a member since 2014; she initially participated in the Fitness Challenge and became hooked on the variety of activities. “My favorite classes are spinning, yoga and Pilates,” she said, also noting that her key to success has been the buddy system, as she encouraged a friend to join so they can work out together.

Elisabeth Naiman joined Greenwood in 1994, originally just to use the pool and swim over the lunch hour, but eventually she embraced many activities, including spinning and group fitness classes. Coming to Greenwood each day has become a part of her lifestyle, and she enjoys the friendships she has made not only with other members but also with the staff. “There is hardly ever a time of day when I come in and there is nobody to at least say hello to or strike up a conversation with,” she smiled. So when you’re considering your former resolutions for the New Year, just remember that you don’t need to start over this time. You just have to stop giving up, and Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club will be with you every step of the way as you make that commitment to yourself. HLM

For more information on Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, visit them at 5801 S. Quebec Street in Greenwood Village; go online, or call 303-770-2582. Experience Greenwood yourself with a complimentary three-day pass at and discover how Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club can be the best part of your day.