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Ergün Tercan European Salon

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At Ergün Tercan European Salon takes pride in staying updated with the latest trends in hair and fashion. Their stylists have participated in many photo shoots and fashion shows held by Ergün Tercan European Salon over the past nine years. This year Ergün Tercan European Salon has participated in the first annual Trendsetter Competition. This competition is a friendly in-salon contest portraying each of the stylist’s expression of themselves and their talents. Each model was carefully molded into the desired art piece of the stylist. While the judges struggled to find the best stylists, three girls were chosen from the many talented artists.
Amy Whitaker took first place with her colorful hair chalk and classic take on original beauty.

Ann Pryzgoda received second place by taking simplicity to another level, putting tight curls and a simple black dress on her model.

Grace Martin took third, paying homage to her roots and designing her model around the classic geisha look found in Korea.

Ergün Tercan European Salon continues to find talent in all areas of hair and fashion and strives for consistency and professional fun. It is their passion and pleasure to share what this salon is all about–expression of beauty in all shapes and sizes. (303) 433-5544; EErrgügn