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Design After Dark

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On February 5, Design Council of the Denver Art Museum hosted their 12th annual Design After Dark, a midwinter party and fundraiser celebrating Denver’s thriving design community. Proceeds from the event support the Department of Architecture, Design and Graphics at the Denver Art Museum. This year’s theme, “AMASS,” transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. Décor focused on visual repetition; at the heart of the event was an exhibition and auction featuring 16 creatives whose works reflected the concept of amass. Some standout examples were woodworker David Kramer’s “Kollectiv3,” which the judges awarded the prize of “Amasster;” Studiotrope Design Collective’s “Refined,” which won “Best Pileup;” and ceramicist Jeannie Quinn’s “Light Beguile,” which won “Creative Cluster.” The event was catered by Gourmet, also embracing the theme of amass. In addition to the successful art auction, a silent auction featured an array of furniture, jewelry and gift packages. Michael Trundle, a local DJ, laid down the soundtrack for the evening. HLM