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In 2020, Red Rules!

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Crimson, auburn, cherry and fire. Describing the color red can be downright fun, not to mention forceful. As we begin the New Year and the “twenty-twenties,” powerful red will be on the agenda for women. 

And why not? It’s been exactly one century since we earned the right to vote in 1920. Designers and manufacturers have already taken the heated hint, so runways, salons and shelves will have plenty of red-hot product in stock. 

What Makes Red So Hot?
Since the beginning of time, red has stood out amongst other hues. Full of various meanings for different people, red takes center stage on the color wheel. Some say that red is the essence of life since it is the color of blood. Red is associated with power, persuasion and passion, so it’s no wonder companies such as Coke® and Target® use it generously in their logos and Christian Louboutin paints it on the bottom of their shoes. Tiger Woods knows the value of red, since he usually wears it on the most important day of the tournament, Sunday. Red can insinuate energy, vitality, excitement and sacrifice, while also offering a subdued softness; think warmth and beauty. But red isn’t just candy apples and roses; it can also refer to rage, danger, death and lust, so experts tell us to choose our red days wisely. 

According to Empowered by Color, a website devoted to the world of color psychology and their meanings, knowledge of how color affects our conscious and subconscious mind can change the way we live our life. Knowing what colors mean can help people discover more about themselves and embrace who they are through color. Colors can affect people drastically, and red is no exception. The more prevalent meanings of red are interesting.

Red spurs the deeper passions within us such as sex, love and lust. So, if you’ve wondered how to introduce a bit more passion into your so-so sex life, introduce some red in the bedroom. Experts say red lingerie, candles and bedding can all stimulate our desires. But don’t get too carried away. Too much red can have the opposite effect. 

Exciting and Motivating
Where other colors may be stand-offish, red revs up our emotions and inspires us to take action. If starting that home business has always been a dream but you haven’t taken the plunge, opt for ruby-red notebooks to get the business plan on paper. 

Red can stop traffic; it literally does on stop signs and traffic lights. The bright hue of fire-engine red gets us to stop and take notice. It is also the universal sign of danger, keeping us alert and focused.  

Assertive and Aggressive
Who doesn’t like the look of a red car? Well, experts say a zippy red vehicle can be sporty but dangerous. Both men and women say they feel pretty aggressive behind the wheel of a red car. Rush-hour drivers would likely agree. 

Red Wardrobe
Aptly named Flame Scarlet by some fashionistas, this commanding color will be prevalent on the runways this year. Adding red to our wardrobe doesn’t have to mean wearing a red power suit to work, although it’s perfectly acceptable, but a crimson shade can add a strong dimension to an outfit. A more subdued way to wear red is to find a “bridge” item in a neutral color, such as black or gray, and pair with a bold red. This way, your favorite outfit can have a burst of berry! 

What’s the most complementary color to red? Many stylists like turquoise, a more serene and tranquil color, paired with raucous red to balance an outfit. If turquoise isn’t a favorite, green and blue hues will also partner nicely. 

Red Makeup and Hair
No matter what season, red lips adorn the runways, but this year cherry takes charge. Look for combinations of matte, cherry-red lipsticks on top of freshly cleaned skin and a bolder eyebrow. More trendy than classic, this is an easy way to spike up a look without having to apply a full face of makeup.  

Another way to use red in makeup is with the ombré trend. For the daring-darlings out there, a red-led multicolor ombré eye will fit the trend. Most makeup artists recommend choosing two less aggressive colors such as beiges and browns to pair with red eye shadow. The “bright” eyes will make headlines at your next party or an evening out with your man.

If red goes better on your head than your wardrobe, consider a brilliant hair color to start 2020. Red heads are pretty unforgettable; Lucille Ball, Emma Stone and Jessica Rabbit are a few. This season we will see both natural red and deeper-hued shades of the powerful color, proving that red is as hot as it gets.

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