Blogs to Get You in the Travel Mood

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A little over a year ago, the world woke up to a global pandemic and life as we knew it stopped. The travel industry took a major blow in 2020-2021. Now, scientists tell us there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, are you ready to pack your bags and get going? Not quite yet? How about reading travel blogs to get your wanderlust stimulated again? It’s not the same thing as traveling, but just looking at the gorgeous pictures of blue skies with puffy white clouds and azure blue waters off sandy white beaches stimulates my get-out-of-the-house urges. Prefer the mountains? Few things are more beautiful than pristine mountain peaks covered with fresh powder snow ready for eager skiers.

A quick Google search turns up over a million travel blogs with more than 2.5 million posts daily depending on your search criteria. Obviously, you need to filter in your personal choices to get the blogs down to a manageable number for perusal. The first group is general blogs.

More Time to Travel
The couple, writer Irene S. Levine and photographer Jerome Levine, share their experiences with the over-50 crowd. The blog covers safaris; cruises; books and gear; food and wine; and hotels and spas.

Getting on Travel
Along with 25 other travel writers, Irene and Jerome Levine cover authentic experiences, soft adventure, health and wellness and boutique travel. One blog post in 2021 describes ways the blog’s writers see travel changing in 2021 with the coronavirus pandemic.

My Itchy Travel Feet
Writer and photographer duo Donna and Alan Hull try to inform seniors for their next trips. The baby boomers’ travels cover a wide range of experiences, from Arctic expedition cruises to Oregon road trips and more.

Where in the World is Kate?
Kate Green and friends cover mainly Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Her concern is solo travel for women, although she claims much of the same advice applies to single men traveling as well. She has visited over 47 countries. Her medications and packing lists are exceptionally useful for everyone.

Sweet Leisure
Susan Manlin Katzman has traveled extensively in the United States and around the world writing about food and travel. The posts are filled with recipes and insider tips from her travels.

Expats Jackie and Joel Smith live in Greece. Using Greece as a base, they travel around the world, hoping “to entertain armchair travelers and inspire others to pack their bags and follow their dreams.” The difficulties of getting around during the coronavirus pandemic was a recent post.

Travels with Tam
Scuba diver Tam Warner Minton is on a mission to teach others, especially children, about the beauty of the fish and other creatures in oceans all over the world as well as the oceans themselves. A recent post talks about how to deal with chronic pain while traveling.

Tropical Travel Girl
Debbra Dunning Brouillette claims to never have met an island she didn’t like, but she likes some more than others. Debbra is a certified scuba diver who has traveled the world exploring islands and the oceans around them. A 2019 blog post described ten tips to overcome jet lag.
The next group of blogs covers specific travel destinations.

Ottawa Road Trips
For over 20 years, Laura Byrne Paquet has written about Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and points beyond. She specializes in day trips around Eastern Ontario, West Quebec and upstate New York; her blogs are filled with loads of information for history buffs, thrill seekers, foodies and music lovers.

Eye Prefer Paris
Since 2005, Richard Nahem has written about Paris from his apartment in the Marais district. His blog is filled with insider tips and advice about what to see and where to stay in Paris and other European cities. He loves food and occasionally throws in a recipe or two.

No Particular Place to Go
Anita Oliver and Richard Nash’s blog has commonsense tips on how to live in another country, how to save money and what it really costs. They are based in Portugal and travel throughout Europe. You will see their excellent photos from around the world. The blog is not as up to date as one might wish, but the information on Portugal is priceless.

Passing Thru
Betsy and Pete Wuebker have traveled since 2011. They enjoy slow travel and immersing themselves in the experience. Some of their favorite places are Bosnia, Budapest and Barcelona.
These are just a few blogs to get you started. Travel blogs are addictive; I hope they inspire you to starting planning your next trip. A change of scenery can work wonders for a bored psyche. ■