Pets love living the apartment life too!

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Are you looking for the perfect dog for apartment or condo living? Size really doesn’t matter, but when you’re choosing a dog to share your small space, look for non-barking breeds that don’t need a lot of exercise and social breeds that will be friendly to strangers they might meet in the halls or on walks.

While a breed might have a particular reputation, all dogs are individuals. In other words, results may vary. That said, here are eight dog breeds that do well living the apartment life. Some might surprise you!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
These elegant dogs combine beauty and intelligence with a sweet personality. Give them attention and they will reward you with a wagging tail and snuggles and they will follow you everywhere. While they might bark at a knock at the door, they are generally quiet. Cavaliers come in several color combinations, with a longish coat that’s surprisingly easy to maintain. They seldom weigh more than 16 pounds, a great size for small spaces.

English Bulldogs
Extremely sweet-natured and devoted, these dogs’ favorite activity is snoozing on the couch, making them ideal apartment dogs despise their size (up to 50 pounds). They are lazy, but daily walks are important, and while you’re on a stroll, you’ll meet a lot people who stop to admire your bowlegged sourmug. Bulldogs are wonderful with children, even newborns and toddlers. Seldom barkers, they do make noise–snarfling, snorting and snoring; their many fanatical owners say they love these silly noises. Like most pushed-face breeds, bulldogs are sensitive to heat, so air conditioning is a must.

Chinese Crested Dogs
The Chinese Crested comes in two varieties, powder puff and hairless. The hairless are more popular, being hairless except for silky puffs of hair on the head, at the tip of the tail and around the feet. They weigh up to 12 pounds. These dogs are alert, animated and devoted to their people, but they need to be well socialized around strangers. They thrive in hot weather.

Shih Tzus
These lively and alert dogs love hanging out at home. They are outgoing and good with other pets, children and visitors, who will find them enchanting. Their long hair can be trimmed short for easy maintenance. They tend not to bark unless they are being protective. Although they’re medium-energy dogs, a little indoor playtime is all the exercise they need. These are great dogs for older people who might not be able to walk far. They can weigh up to 15 pounds.

These dogs, best known for their racing abilities, are actually laid back, preferring to chill with family. But you’ll need to take your Greyhounds on several daily walks to keep them healthy, a good excuse for owners to get outside for some fresh air. In cold weather, Greyhounds need a warm dog coat. Despite their size–these are tall dogs, reaching about 28 inches–they can curl up on most apartment-sized couches. Retired racing hounds come already trained. Adopt one and you’ll have a great dog that needs a good home.

Pugs were created to be companions to royalty, and their stubborn but sweet attitude reflects this. Owners have included Prince William of Orange and Josephine Bonaparte. Unlike many small dogs, they are seldom yappy. They are clowns with expressive faces that keep their owners smiling. They get along with other dogs, so expect to get invited to dog-friendly events with other pug owners. They weigh up to 18 pounds but love food and can easily become overweight.

Boston Terriers
Known as “the American Gentleman,” these quiet and polite dogs love to play and will do so with kids, visitors and other dogs. They are intelligent and easy to train and to groom. Their energy level is moderate, so they need daily walks, and although they can have short bursts of energy, their size–10 to 25 pounds–makes them completely suited for apartment life.

This national dog of Cuba is a gentle, happy and outgoing dog that loves to hang out with people. Shower your Havanese with attention and you’ll have it returned tenfold. Havanese have long coats and a plumed tails, but a trimmed coat will give them an attractive puppy look and makes grooming easy. They are one of the better breeds for those with allergies to dogs. The Havanese is a good watchdog, but otherwise isn’t much of a barker. They weigh up to 15 pounds.
Remember, if you want a healthy dog with a stable disposition, find a reputable breeder who breeds for good health and offers a health and temperament guarantee. Your veterinarian can most likely give you a reference. Or you can adopt an older dog from a breed-specific rescue organization or a rescue group with a good reputation. And remember, dogs are family and all dogs are forever dogs. HLM

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