Pantone: 2023’s Predictions

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After two years of pandemic shutdowns, people are ready to “emerge, experience new things, express themselves in new ways and explore the changed world around them,” according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

She was speaking at the Inspired Home Show 2022, where she unveiled Pantone’s color predictions for home and houseware design in 2023. Held annually in Chicago, the Inspired Home Show is the largest housewares trade show in North America.

Pantone is a global authority on color and produces a standardized color system that allows designers and manufacturers to reproduce colors exactly. Its color forecasts are based on a careful study of current trends in art, entertainment, social movements and consumer demand. Besides forecasting its annual Color of the Year, the company publishes color guides for industries such as fashion and home design.

Seven color palettes define the Pantone View 2023 forecast. The colors gathered on each palette express the current zeitgeist, with themes ranging from earth tones to digitized vibrant hues, with plenty of neutral tones to rest the eyes. “Colors for home furnishings in 2023 entice us to engage with what we believe, what we love and what we want,” says Pantone. “We are ready for good times and great feelings, and the colors we hunger for capture this wave of delight.”

Some influences on this year’s palettes cited by Eiseman include the colorful production design in the prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, due out later this year, and the creative Regency costumes in Netflix’s Bridgerton. The environmental movement is another powerful influence on color trends, with natural shades and textures continuing to be popular in home and houseware design.

The palettes reflect the influence of the digital world on modern lifestyles. “Digital design, with its vivifying effects, stretches the limits of our imagination, opening a door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore new color combinations.” Even though there are so many vibrant colors in the palettes, Eiseman stressed the importance of neutrals. There will always be people who want neutral shades, she said, but the modern approach is to create interest by combining them with high-intensity brights. Likewise, black and white combinations will always be around, but mixing them with bottle green or rose pink adds a touch of newness.

These are the 2023 color palettes. See if you agree with Pantone’s predictions!

Tropic Refresh
This palette inspires the dreamer in all of us, that free spirit who longs to escape everyday reality. Resort-themed colors of Shell, Peach Pink, Aqua Green and Atomizer blue offer a soothing balance of coolness and warmth. Laurie Pressman, a Pantone color expert, describes this palette as “easy breezy, optimistic, renewal, sun-drenched energy, restoring inner resources.”

Epic Tales
The rich artisanal tones of this palette represent our culture’s ongoing fascination with medieval legends and the mythical past, as seen in film, TV and literature. Metallic hues named Black Onyx and Metallic Gold remind us of the hand-wrought detail of burnished metal, while a deep burgundy Tawny Port lends an air of royalty.

This palette celebrates health and wellness. Calming shades of green, blue-green and beige with names like Kelp Forest and Coconut Milk evoke a soothing visit to the spa. Pantone also chose these colors to reflect environmental responsibility and sustainable practices of recycling and upcycling.

This utilitarian palette features earth tones and upscale metallics that remind us of ancient times. It “exudes a human warmth found in revered artifacts, spice-infused edible delights and multi-cultural influences.” Key colors in the Earthbound palette include Imperial Topaz, Harvest Pumpkin, Pinecone brown and a blush-colored neutral called Spanish Villa.

Unexpected Reality
This upbeat palette is a mix of pastels and cooler shades. Clear, bright colors with names like Gossamer Green, Pink-a-Boo and Sunny Lime reflect the joyful exuberance of youth and the promise of new possibilities. “Fun meets functional,” Pressman says about this palette.

Artisan Invention
Boho style and arts and crafts continue to be design trends. This palette’s Cerulean, Sailor Blue, Golden Yellow and other rich tones draw inspiration from folk art, artisanship and traditional materials. Mixing new and old is another theme of this palette.

This is an adventuresome palette, meant to “express celebration and aspiration for better days ahead.” Poppy Red, Rose Violet, Jasmine Green and other bright colors seem inspired by Pop Art of the 1960s. Combined, they create a riot of psychedelic color.
You can find out more about Pantone 2023 color predictions for fashion and interior design by visiting the website. Guides that show all the palettes and colors are pricey if you’re not a design professional, but you can find examples of the colors mentioned in this article by searching for them online.

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