Convenience in a Battery: Yard Work Simplified!

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I’ve always enjoyed doing my own yard work; notice I didn’t say gardening. My version builds muscles and evokes sweat. But today’s technology has made it easier!

Whether your neighborhood hardware store, where everyone knows your name, is your happy place, or one of those big box stores where you’re anonymous fills all your home and garden needs, you might find some of these tools there. Please note, this isn’t an endorsement of any product; it’s my bucket list for ease and convenience all year long.

Battery Power
I discovered the ease of working with battery-powered tools about five years ago with my first Worx blower. Purchasing an extra battery assured there would always be a hot one and no more running to the gas station to fill up that red container and smelling up the car.

These environmentally friendly tools have many advantages, with one of the most important being no exhaust emissions. They’re lightweight, smaller, quieter and require less space to store. Without cords, you have increased mobility, lessened hassle and reduced maintenance. Charging the battery is about all the maintenance I’m looking for!

My ultimate bucket list choice is the EGO™ Power+ 42-inch Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower. It can hold up to six EGO 56V ARC lithium batteries that deliver 22 horsepower, equivalent to a gas engine, reaching a top speed of eight miles per hour and covering up to two acres on a single charge. Its LCD interface features three driving modes, control, standard and sport, and premium features such as LED lights, USB charging port, Bluetooth and adjustable seat suspension turn a chore into fun. Just add sunscreen and a cold beverage.

For small spaces, I would consider the EGO POWER+ 21” Select Cut XP Self-Propelled Mower that delivers 8.3 ft-lbs of torque and is the first cordless lawn mower to have an interchangeable multi-blade cutting system. A mulching blade, high-lift bagging blade and extended run time blade customize your cut, and each blade has special features. EGO’s Touch Drive™ technology puts complete control of the self-propelled system in the palm of your hands by using pressure to engage the system, and the industry’s most advanced 56 -volt 10.0 Ah ARC Lithium™ battery provides up to 75 minutes of cutting time on a single charge.

I’m a fan of hand-held blowers for convenience, but the backpack style from Greenworks might convert me. The Pro 80V has an 80-volt 2.5Ah battery that delivers up to 180 miles per hour of air speed, 610 cubic feet per minute of air flow and runs up to 18 minutes at full speed. The battery recharges fully in 45 minutes; battery and charger are included. A comfort grip provides superior control, and, in my opinion, the backpack design would greatly reduce my arm fatigue!

The Greenworks Pro 80V handheld blower weighs only ten pounds, moves 580 cubic feet per minute and a maximum speed of 145 MPH, with a charge lasting up to 19 minutes at full speed. One of the disadvantages of handheld blowers is the rear air intake, but this blower has side and bottom intake ports that keep your shirt from being sucked in. Reviewers note that the battery charges in about 30 minutes and recommend purchasing a second battery, a suggestion I fully agree with.

I’ve had good luck with Stihl brands, wearing out a few gas-operated trimmers. A real upgrade for my arsenal would be the HSA 56 hedge trimmer, weighing in at under nine pounds, including the AK10 battery. The high cutting speed of 2,800 strokes per minute delivers minimal vibration. It will whack through limbs up to 1.66 inches thick and can cut up to 1,000 linear feet on a single charge. The soft rubber texture is easy to grip and makes it comfortable to hold for longer periods. Safety features include a tip protector that makes cutting near the ground or along walls easier while protecting the trimmer’s cutters from damage, and a blade cover prevents damage during storage and transport.

Then there’s the pole saw that has a bad reputation for being heavy and lacking maneuverability. Here’s my dream extending saw, the Greenworks Pro 80V 2Ah cordless electric pole saw with a ten-inch bar and chain that can cut limbs or small trees up to ten inches in diameter. The three-piece aluminum shaft extends eight feet, and an automatic oiler keeps the bar and chain in shape. The oil tank is translucent for clear view of oil level. Greenworks gives it a four-year tool warranty and two-year battery warranty.

There are almost as many choices for battery-powered tools as there are for cars right now, and it’s just about as hard to pick one. But go ahead! You will easily fill up storage space and make your yard work a pleasure.

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