Centerpiece and Decorating Trends for the Holidays

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This time of year, we’re excited for all sorts of pumpkin-spice flavored things and the overall comfort the season embodies, and the cooler temperatures of fall have prepared us for the celebrations that occur this month.

Whether you plan on throwing lavish parties or simply celebrating with a small group of family and friends, we know food is a key element of any gathering, so an inviting table setting is a must. Nothing completes a table and entices your guests like a festive, charming centerpiece, so here are some ways to add a little more holiday cheer to your table this season.

Hanukkah begins Sunday, December 6 this year, with its traditional theme colors of blue and white set off by the light of candles on the menorah. The Jewish home may have a well-loved menorah that’s used each year, but we found some contemporary ideas for eye-catching centerpieces that can be adapted to other seasons and traditions.

Begin with a white tray or platter, clear votive cups, floating wicks, blue food coloring, water and oil. In three separate containers, tint the water into three varying hues of blue. Pour the water into the cups and float a teaspoon of oil on top, then place the wick in the center. Arrange the floating candle lights on the tray and light the wicks when guests arrive for a glowing table centerpiece that’s low and invites conversation.

A unique menorah can be created by wrapping small boxes in silver and blue paper. Set glass tea lights on top, securing them with double-faced tape. Use a total of nine; elevate the center candle on two boxes and wrap them in a different paper for extra interest.

If your taste leans to table runners, take a length of extra-wide two-sided velvet and gather the middle in a decorative knot. Arrange tapers down the center. Cut Star of David shapes from cardboard and cover with decorative paper and hang blue and white or crystal beads from the edges, then push one into the base of each taper for a lush look and horizontal appeal.

As the fall palette transitions into December’s hues, we’re ready for a change of pace. A centerpiece theme that’s beautiful during everyone’s favorite time of year is the winter wonderland. Nothing makes a table more magical than vibrant silver, white and blue décor, and it will enchant your guests for any occasion. You can use this theme to create various centerpieces. Two lovely ideas include using a white rose floral arrangement in a glass vase half-filled with glass silver balls, or invest in white Christmas tree-shaped candles and arrange them on your table alone with a few champagne flutes filled with silver and blue glass balls.

Get creative with your Christmas table centerpiece by combining fruit and flowers. Purchase three medium-sized glass vases in whatever shape you like (we recommend round) and use the “vase within a vase” technique. Insert a smaller vase filled with white or yellow roses, set it into the larger vase and fill the larger vase to the top with cranberries. Arrange the vases, spacing them out evenly, in the center of your table. This will add elegance and charisma to your table, giving it a touch of sophistication that anyone can appreciate.

For a simple, earthy look, use a long, wooden candleholder as your centerpiece and decorate it with green or red apples set in the candle wells. If you want to add light, scoop out a hollow in the top of each apple and insert a tea-light candle. Surround the base with evergreen branches to soften the look. Because the candleholder is long but not wide, it will bring your table together and maintain a line of sight for guests.

For a trendy way to bring some glam to your New Year’s Eve dinner, start by purchasing four large martini glasses and fill them with small silver beads or balls. Place a small floating candle well on top of each martini glasses. Arrange the glasses on the center of your table; light the candles and you have just created a sexy aroma to match the mood of your evening. Who doesn’t love a martini glass, no matter what it’s filled with!

New Year’s Eve is all about sparkles, streamers and shine. To create a centerpiece that embodies the excitement of the evening, start by filling six champagne flutes with silver streamers, stars and glitter, found at any crafts store, allowing some of the streamers to spill over the sides. Arrange the flutes in a horizontal line, evenly spaced, at the center of the table. Take four white pillar candles and outline one number of the coming year with small blue stick-on gems. Arrange the candles front and center in the appropriate order in front of your champagne flutes for an alluring and fun centerpiece.

Now you’re ready to celebrate the season in style! HLM

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