What Does She Really Want?

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This holiday season, look around you at your favorite woman. Is it your mom, sister, wife or fiancée? She may not have many needs, but everyone has secret wants, wishes, desires tucked away that they dream of. What is hers? If you don’t have a clue, ask! Does she want to just get away from it all? Go on a cruise, take a trip to Italy or take paragliding lessons? Give a gift that shows awareness of these secrets.

For the adventurous sort, how about flying lessons? At my local airport, flight lessons for beginners start at $350 per class of 30 to 60 minutes flight time in a Cessna with two passengers. The gift of a flight lesson could be a step leading to a pilot’s license!

The academically inclined might like the MasterClass program. MasterClass membership plans cover over 180 classes in 11 categories. Classes may be watched on your phone, tablet, television or desktop or may be downloaded for offline viewing. Monthly costs are quoted, but you will be billed annually.

For the techie, Apple Airpods Max are great. The Adaptive EQ adjusts audio frequencies in real time with excellent noise cancellation. The battery lasts for 20 hours, making them ideal for travel or long work periods.

A good night’s sleep is important to good health. Weighted blankets aid peaceful sleep by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. Whether you prefer cotton, bamboo or linen, most weighted blankets contain small glass beads to give added weight.

Another item that furthers a good night’s sleep is a silk pillowcase. Not only do silk pillowcases help blissful sleep, but they also keep hairdos neat by reducing the friction that causes bedheads. Silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and soothe the facial skin by helping the skin retain more moisture.

For many women, self-defense is an issue they must deal with daily. Hootie is a personal keychain alarm for emergency self-defense. The device emits a loud sound with a panic strobe light. The device comes in classic and mod colors. The device hooks onto your backpack or can be carried in a pocket. The two CR2 batteries will last up to a year. Once activated the device will continue to make noise for up to 40 minutes for medical emergencies or wilderness survival. The low price tag makes it well worth the price for women, men and children.

What woman doesn’t love a hands-free, crossbody belt bag when on the go? The Ace neoprene fanny pack is 100 percent vegan and has a handy front zipper pocket with pockets inside the bag to keep your cards and cash organized and out of the way of pesky thieves. The Lululemon bag has elastics that hold the strap in place when adjusted and zippered pockets, both on the exterior and interior. Both bags have a wide range of colors and multiple pockets with ample space for keys, phone and wallet.

Women love a shirt that goes with everything. A classic pristine white shirt is perfect for the professional woman or really anyone. Check out the white blouses at Anne Fontaine; the Sagane crepe shirt with French cuffs is a winner.

With winter slush, snowstorms and mud, waterproof rain boots are a must. Whether they are high-end Louboutins in sky blue, stacked heels and white trim or L. L. Bean duck boots, dry feet are sure to be appreciated in areas where dealing with the weather is a daily chore. The shorter boot is easier to carry around in a backpack, but who can resist the stylish Louboutin?

Many women constantly complain, “My feet hurt;” if your feet hurt, your whole-body hurts! Help the woman in your life with My Happy Feet™ Socks. These therapeutic socks are worn at night to align the muscles and bones of the feet by stretching the toes and the plantar fascia of the feet. The socks come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

How about a new set of stemless wine glasses? Your hand will warm the wine quicker, but the sturdy glasses will not tip over easily and can be used to serve other cocktails. The Schott Zweisel Forte comes in a set of six and is dishwasher safe. The Waterford Elegance is fine crystal and must be hand washed. You are including a fine wine, aren’t you?

Encourage a reflective lifestyle with Oprah’s The Life You Want™ Daily Inspiration Cards. Each of the 365 cards comes with quotes from the world’s greatest thinkers and an action item on the reverse side and arrives in a linen-covered box.

These suggestions are only the beginning of the lovely gifts available for the woman in your life. Tuck the list away to use for future gifts—birthdays, anniversaries and just-because gifts. You’ll be glad you did!

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