Phones and Fashion: Accessories with Style

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Every year, new cell phone accessories hit the market, and consumers rush to get the latest gadgets to go with their expensive phones. This year is no exception. Lanyards, pouches, wristlets, PopSockets, port plugs, stands—you name it—someone is making it.

For many products, you need a specific size or your phone won’t fit. Other products accommodate different-sized phones with no trouble.

A back pants pocket isn’t always the best place to carry your phone. It’s too easy to steal or to fall out. A safer alternative is the crossbody wallet or wristlet. Women often prefer stylish fashion pieces to plain black or brown. Bandolier is here to help. Their pieces range from geometric designs to iridescent blue, green or gold. Many can be adapted to wear either as a crossbody strap or as a smaller wristlet. Some of the designs have a slim credit card holder on the back and a pocket for cash. Lanyards are simpler designs that hold the cell phone from a necklace-like cord, yet the phone can be detached when desired.

PopSockets make holding the cell phone easier with a popup grip that attaches to the back of your cell phone with MagSafe compatible cases and magnets. You will be able to text with one hand, prop your phone up on a table for group viewing, and pop it into a holder for hands-free use. Explore the full range of designs from florals to the Star Wars’ Mandalorian to satisfy your personal taste.

Port plugs are practical and fun. These plugs fit into any port on your phone or device to keep out dust, grime, lint or moisture. The utilitarian plugs are practical and may even save you costly repairs to your device. On the other hand, many companies have upped their game and are creating plugs that express the owner’s personality in fun ways. With so many options, it’s easy to match the port plug to the owner’s personality, whether it’s for kids who dig action figures or a diehard Hello Kitty fan.

On a more technical side, devices such as the Air Fly Pro are handy. This device pairs your Bluetooth accessories to other outlets. For example, it plugs into the back of the seat on airplanes to pair the plane’s audio to your earbuds or earphones for better quality inflight audio. You can use it in your car or a boat to listen to your playlists. It amplifies the soundtrack on a gym device by pairing the treadmill, for example, with your earbuds.

And don’t forget the versatility of today’s speakers. There are many styles and designs to choose from. One of the smallest is the JBL Clip 4 Speaker. It is waterproof for poolside, spa or beach, and can be clipped to a suitcase handle or the shower rod.

For convenience, portable chargers are indispensable. Nothing is worse than being out of the house, and your cell phone begins to die when you really, really need it. Small chargers that can be stuck in your purse or pocket will alleviate this problem. Alongza makes a slim, lightweight 6000mAh power bank that will handle most cell phone power drains.

If you are a cell phone photography addict, have no fear. The newest accessories for your phone are allowing more creative photography than anyone dreamed of a few years ago when no one took cell phone cameras seriously. The Pocket Spotlight can be used as a handheld light source or it can be plugged into your phone. The charge lasts about an hour and it works well with stills and portraits.

Another handy gadget for serious photographers is the Olloclip® 4-in-1 Lens. The lens has fisheye, wide angle, 10x and 15x settings. The viewfinder reduces glare and allows an accurate view of the frame. Olloclip closed in 2021 and its website notes the company is on hiatus, but the devices are available on the internet. Apexel is another manufacturer, with a 5-in-1 kit that provides creative freedom.

Stands come with features that provide an extra layer of comfort when viewing a video, cooking or creating content for social media. The Omoton Adjustable is versatile and adjustable. It will hold a cell phone or a tablet and remain stable on your desk. The Lamicall Gooseneck stand is an excellent choice for the photographer or social media producer who needs to film herself while creating content. The clamp attaches to a desk or countertop edge.

Cell phone accessories run the gamut of practical techie devices to fun, frivolous gadgets. Most are affordable and designed with a specific purpose in mind. Many are designed to fill voids on a specific cell phone model so you must always be aware of your cell phone model number when looking for the best option for your workstation.

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