Pearls, Stars and Today’s Shiny Fashion Statement!

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For the holidays, nothing is as welcomed as a new piece of beautiful jewelry, whether it’s for you or for someone special. Since fashion changes with the seasons, there is always something new and exciting, and it’s easy to find something for every taste.

For 2020-2021, jewelry pieces are big and bigger. One of the cleverest looks is the single earring. To achieve the look, the earring should be a dramatic, statement-making piece that will work by itself. Try a heart or a key for drama or Alighieri’s gold-plated chain with pearls for a more feminine look.

Another takeaway look from the designers this season is the extra-large chains. Chains are always popular, and this season they were made in a fabulous variety of materials. Glittery metallic chains contrasted with enameled ones. Resin, styled as the classic tortoiseshell, was a sure winner. Chains weren’t just being worn around the neck. They were incorporated into earrings and bracelets, too.

Big crosses were popular with many designers. Crosses appeared on bracelets and necklaces. Chanel used the famous CC logo in the center of their chunky costume jewelry crosses. Dolce & Gabbana walked black crystal crosses hanging from a chain while Gucci showed metal crosses as dangling earrings as well as dangling from chain necklaces.

For a warm, bold look, designers like color even in their jewelry. Beads are an easy way to achieve color, but many designers used large semi-precious stones to make a bold statement. Others used classic earring styles but made them with colorful materials such as enameled metals, beads and vivid resin. Even the clunky chain necklaces were shown in colorful metal, Lucite and other materials.

Hoops are many women’s earring of choice and this season, there was a wide variety of styles to choose from. Big hoops were shown in gold and other metals, shells, tortoiseshell and optic white resin. For those who prefer a more delicate touch, look for hoops made with thin wire and a few beads spaced along the hoop. With such a variety, there is something for every outfit.

While yellow gold jewelry dominated the catwalks, some designers created pieces in silver jewelry. Fallon’s silver pavé rope necklace was finished with rhodium for extra shine and brilliance. Nina Gilin used rhodium and black rhodium for a collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets created for Saks Fifth Avenue.

After years on the granny list, pearls are back. The classic choker worn with a jewel neckline is in style once again. Yet, most pearl designs have a fresh touch or a new look. For example, Tory Burch showed a gold heart with large baroque pearls pendant. Mateo used metals for his earrings and bracelets. He also incorporated a pearl pendant piece that can be removed to make the bracelets or earrings more versatile. Chanel added yellow gold to the pearl bracelet for a sophisticated, understated look.

If you don’t like the pearl choker, try a statement piece choker. Monse showed a wide belt, yellow-checked choker with a belt buckle. The look definitely suggests bondage and is not for everyone. Both Christian Siriano and The Blonds created a leather choker with chains and loops for additional leashes. Retrofete’s clear crystal choker couldn’t be more different. Mateo took the classic black velvet choker to another level with the addition of gold and a malachite stone for added pizzazz.

Some designers went with florals. Moschino sculpted a floral earring for his show. I’mmany used real hydrangeas in her earrings along with small gold chains and moonstone. Beautiful!
Stars were another popular motif. Oscar de la Renta showed a big glittery star earring. Star-shaped hoops are different. Instead of round hoops, Zenon’s are angular.

Animal jewelry is always a popular theme for designers. Stella McCartney showed dangling, gold monkey earrings. Balmain created a crystal-snake earring for his show. Several designers preferred birds. Carolina Herrera showed a dove dangling from a fine chain earring, continuing the one-earring motif. Mignonne Gavigan created a pair of bird earrings using beads, sequins and feathers. A pair of large, brass cockatoo earrings by Moda Operandi continued the bird theme.

With high-end jewelry, women like to select their pieces carefully. This is not the time to follow fads, but to look for pieces that you like and will enjoy wearing for years to come. Jewelry doesn’t spoil or grow old. Jewelry is slow to go out of fashion, and women treasure their favorite pieces. They like to wear them and ignore fashion rules. These women believe in making their own fashion statement!

Shop safely this season; shop locally if possible, to support the businesses working to recover from the pandemic. It’s time to indulge a little! ■

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