Choose your statement wisely

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Imagine yourself trying to make a statement without speaking. Sounds easy, right? Not really. However, as women we do this every day. We grab those pink pumps, layer on the maroon lipstick and shimmy into a floral dress. We choose an outfit that shouts, “Hey, this is me and I’m feeling ___ today,” frequently without putting any thought into it.

We put on high heels on that create blisters to dress to impress and stand out in the gray boringness surrounding us. We wear uncomfortable skirts and tuck blouses in even when breathing seems impossible. We spend an hour trying to perfect our makeup and we try not to burn ourselves on our straightening iron. Our mothers may have taught us, “Beauty is pain, after all.” And by nature, we live by that.

Sometimes the pieces we wear don’t portray exactly what we try to say about ourselves in the first place. We scramble through our closets trying to find the perfect shirt for the day and we end up wearing something plain and misleading that doesn’t describe us at all. We exhaust ourselves trying to express our individual personalities when in reality a simple, expressive statement can be made with just one stylish, trendy jewelry piece.

The classic statement necklace is big, bold and bulky. With bright colors and different textures, one necklace can complete a look with the snap of a clasp. Statement jewelry can be traced back to the Egyptians and Romans, for whom it displayed wealth and status, often as spiral bracelets, pendant necklaces and belt buckles. The trend continued into the Victorian Era and has had a resurgence in today’s fashion. Statement jewelry can be a large ring, dangling, over-the-top earrings or an oversized, colorful necklace that plays up your look.

The statement necklace can be found everywhere, from top designers to department stores and the locally owned fashion boutique you love. They’re a hot item for girls and women who are craving a little extra bling to complete the perfect outfit.
The layered look for necklaces is strong for 2016 into the coming year. Strands of semiprecious stones, glass pearls and mixed metals that can be added and subtracted give the wearer versatility; closures that allow variation in the length, from choker to long and loose, are a plus. Tassel pendants are a look that’s pulled from the interior design industry; some are leather, some are cotton or rayon; others are tassels of delicate metal chain or strands of tiny precious and semi-precious stones.

The bib necklace offers a nod to art deco and modernist styling. The built-up yet versatile designs that combine oxidized silver wire of varied gauges, Swarovski crystals and adjustable closures from Dylanlex offer a monochromatic palette. On the other hand, enamel, 12-karat gold plated metal and semi-precious stones give Kate Spade’s designs gorgeous color to enhance your style and look.

Certainly, these designers and others can provide the over-the-top, magical necklaces that women crave. However, similar designs can be found a little closer to home, often crafted by local artisans. And the best part? If you like, you can make your own statement jewelry. At local craft stores, you can choose jewels and gems to make your own jewelry. You have the power to make your necklace as flashy or as subtle as you wish. Need a necklace to match a blue top? Create a white and silver necklace for a good complement piece with a little sparkle and flair.

If you wear a detailed necklace, it’s a good idea to avoid a printed shirt or accessories that may clash and take attention away from the necklace itself. Sometimes simplicity is gold. However, if you have a solid or monochromatic statement necklace, it’s a totally different ball game. A teal necklace with a cheetah print shirt might really be something to talk about.

Try to keep it simple with the rest of your jewelry. The point is to bring the attention upward toward your neck and face, not down to the chunky bracelets on your wrist. As with clothing, rock a denim shirt or vest, a solid colored dress or even some overalls. Dress it up, dress it down. It’s all up to you.

If you’re feeling sassy, layer it under a collared shirt with a necklace that lies higher on the neck. If you’re going for a classier look, a maxi dress is the perfect way to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. But if you’re looking for full-blown diva, most necklaces can be worn with a dress and heels to perfect an already fabulous look.

Making a statement every day can be easy. With a statement necklace and a glimmer of inspiration, your look can be everything you hoped and more so you can express yourself effortlessly. HLM

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