Transform Your Holiday Look!

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Holiday parties and gatherings are starting to ramp up, which means plenty of opportunities to dress up, wear your favorite beauty products and enjoy all of the socializing of the season!

This time of year is a perfect chance to step outside the box and wear more festive looks, but how can you take your everyday look and transform it into holiday makeup that still makes you feel comfortable and confident? It’s easy; here are some simple ways to add a pop of color or shimmer no matter what your beauty aesthetic is.

Metallic Eyeliner
The holidays are the perfect time to debut a more dramatic eye look, but even if you prefer a more classic style, changing up the eyeliner is one easy way to transform your holiday makeup. Whether you prefer to use eye shadow or want to keep the lids bare, metallic eyeliner is shimmery, chic and really makes your eyes pop! A gold winged eyeliner adds that lovely amount of shimmer to the overall look and you can make the line as thin and delicate as you’d like, or go a bit thicker if you prefer.

Two-Toned Lips
Similar to an ombre style, two-toned lips is one way to experiment with bright, bold lip colors without making a full commitment and perfect if you want to elevate your holiday beauty routine when stepping outside your comfort zone. To create two-toned lips, all you need is two lip colors, such as those with pink and red shades.

First, line the lips with a lip pencil in the color you choose for the outer application; this color should be slightly darker than the color you’ll use for the inner lip area. Once the lips are lined, use a cotton swab to soften the lip liner and blend it in toward the center of your lips. While you want to blend to avoid harsh lines, don’t blend too much or you won’t achieve that ombre effect in the end. Apply the lighter lip shade to the inner area of the lips and top with gloss, if you prefer. The overall look is soft and you should be able to see the transition between both of the colors, reminiscent of a child who has just enjoyed a delicious cherry popsicle!

Embellished Hair Accessories
Looking to add a little more shimmer to your holiday look? If you’re creating an elegant top braid or chignon, incorporate delicate strands of gold jewelry into the hair so that it weaves beautifully into the hairstyle. Jeweled hairpins are another option and can be inserted into any braid or sleek ponytail for additional sparkle.

Opt for Matte Makeup
Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you’re obligated to go for all-out shine and shimmer. Matte makeup is equally elegant and works perfectly for any nighttime parties. It also wears well and shows up beautifully in photos, which is something to think about if you’re attending corporate galas or family dinners. The best way to incorporate matte makeup into a daytime look is to choose it for one feature at a time. This helps balance out the face and keeps it from appearing too flat, which is often the case when too many matte formulas are used at once. For holiday parties this year, choose a matte eyeshadow in a neutral tone and apply it all over the eyelid. Finish off the lips with a soft pink or nude lipstick or gloss!

Matte foundations are also helpful if you want to cut down on shine. The best way to wear a matte foundation is to apply it only to the forehead, nose and chin in a light application, avoiding the sides of the face. This will help keep the look natural and provide long-lasting coverage.

Jeweled Nails
Are you ready to take your manicure from everyday simplicity to holiday glam? Add a bit of shimmer with a new trend that includes adding sparkles to the nails and then layering with a chic clear polish. To create the sparkles, small pieces of colored cellophane are cut into tiny squares and circles, then applied sparingly to the nail before it is covered with a clear polish. This is a suitable alternative for those who want nothing to do with glittered nail polish, and you can add a bit of sparkle to a nail or two for a festive look without going overboard. For those who really want to elevate the look, one or two Swarovski crystals on the ring finger nail will add a gorgeous statement.

Holiday parties are fun to attend, but creating a look that matches the festive time of year is often a bit overwhelming. Each of these tips can be incorporated into your current look, allowing you to switch things up for each party! ■

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