Quick Makeovers for Mom

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Mom does it all, taking care of everyone often before she has a chance to give herself a little attention. This Mother’s Day, treat the special woman in your life to a new look that will help her feel like her gorgeous self!

Makeovers don’t have to be overly involved or require dozens of steps to make a noticeable difference. Something as simple as trying a new haircut or adding a colorful lip gloss can give your Mom a boost in self-love and confidence. Not sure what to gift her or the motherly figure in your life this Mother’s Day? Here are a few quick makeover ideas that will make her feel chic no matter what her personal style is.

Trade in the Messy Bun
For an on-the-go mom, it’s easy to just throw hair up into a messy bun and call it a day, but there are plenty of low-maintenance hairstyles that add style to even the most casual look. Instead of a standard messy bun, try brushing hair back into a sleek ponytail and then braiding into a single rope braid. Tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest offer a range of braid styles for any length of hair; fishtail, Dutch, French and even twisted braids add a little something extra to an otherwise simple look! Plus, it keeps hair out of her face if she’s taking care of baby or prefers to wear it up.

Natural Makeup Looks
On a busy morning, makeup is probably the last thing on Mom’s mind, but a natural look is easy to achieve and gives her a little boost in confidence. A simple and minimal makeup look makes a difference without requiring many steps or numerous products, plus you can easily find products that combine steps, making it even easier. For a mom who prefers a natural look, go with a tinted moisturizer and SPF. She’ll get her daily dose of hydration and sun protection while also enjoying the light coverage of a tinted formula. A swipe of mascara and a lip tint is all she needs to finish a fresh-faced look!

Does your mom need new makeup but you aren’t sure where to start? Cosmetic counters and beauty retail stores are great resources when you want to learn about new products and test out formulas. A trip to the makeup counter also ensures that she gets the perfect shade of foundation, tinted moisturizer or even a new lip color. When it comes to makeup, color correction and coverage are two important factors to focus on. Concealing undereye circles, hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tone are easily done with minimal products and color-correcting palette; concealer and tinted foundation work magic for moms who want a simple but put-together look.

Dramatic Hair Transformation
When it comes to changing up a look, nothing offers a more dramatic transformation than a new haircut and color. A classic bob is a gorgeous option that gives hair a sleek, full appearance. Asymmetrical cuts are also a great way to dramatically transform lackluster hair into a trendy and low-maintenance style. Layers are equally as lovely for moms who want a bit more movement in the hair without the required upkeep of a bob. Strategically placed highlights or full-on color will complement Mom’s skin and give her a fresh glow, perfect when you really want to give her the full makeover experience!

Does she need a style that can easily be pulled back into a pony or a bun? A trim is sometimes all you need to give lifeless hair a new, healthy shine. Golden highlights brighten up any hair color and a shine treatment with scalp massage makes a world of difference.

Update the Skincare Routine
Whether your mom wants to wear makeup or not, a good skincare routine is must for any woman in your life. With proper exfoliation and hydration, her skin will look and feel healthier, which means she’ll be glowing day and night. Treat your mom to a new skincare routine and consult with an expert to get products designed to help with her areas of concern, whether that’s managing premature signs of aging, hyperpigmentation or dull complexion. When her skin looks and feels good, she’ll definitely feel a boost in confidence and rock a fresh-faced look daily!

Because Mom often puts herself last on the list of importance when taking care of everyone around her, a makeover is a great way to say “I love you!” Treating her to some quick makeover ideas allows her to put a little more well-deserved focus back on herself so she feels like the amazing woman that she is. Each of these ideas is also easy to recreate on her own and doesn’t add to her never-ending list of things to get done. ■

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