Permanent Makeup: Is It for You?

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Imagine never having to apply eyeliner in the morning while getting ready for work! Or simplifying your beauty routine every day so that you have time for more fun or just more time! If so, permanent makeup might be the answer to your problems. More than a beauty trend, permanent makeup presents solutions to real-life, everyday challenges. From taking back your morning to saving money on cosmetics, let’s explore more about this beauty procedure.

nown as cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation, permanent makeup uses a special pen that contains iron oxide to tattoo your skin. Pigment is placed between the epidermis and the dermis of your skin. Under the careful hand of a highly skilled professional, you can attain a natural look. Thin eyebrows are made fuller, filled in by tattooing. Pale lips become a thing of the past with lip tinting applied permanently. Tattooed eyeliner highlights the color of your irises and makes your lashes look thicker. Look youthful again with fake freckles added to your visage. The benefits of permanent makeup vary but one thing is certain, it’s not a passing fancy.

It’s a Time Saver
Permanent makeup saves time every day because you won’t need to put on makeup, or at least as much as you normally might. Also, there’s no need to freshen up your face. Eat, drink and be merry without the hassle of reapplying lipstick. And speaking of lips, as you age, cracks and fine lines often appear on mouths. Permanent lipstick can cover these age-related imperfections.

For the Athlete
Stay in whatever game you’re playing without worrying about sweating off your eyeliner. Dive right into the pool without coming up wearing raccoon eyes. If you’re an athlete or just work out at the gym, cosmetic tattooing is a game changer. No more worry about looking your best on and off the court!

Avoid Allergic Reactions
Permanent makeup provides solutions to other eye-related problems. Around 10 percent of the population suffers from cosmetic allergies, according to the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine. If allergens have your eyes itching from irritation, permanent eyeliner solves that problem. For eyeglass wearers, applying makeup presents another challenge as you can’t apply makeup with your glasses on! Some days just having a steady hand in the morning wreaks havoc on your eyeliner. Or maybe you never quite mastered the art of applying makeup. Whatever the case, you can choose from a subtle version of eyeliner to more eye-catching dramatic enhancement and everything in between.

Create Symmetry
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? It’s no fairy tale that most people’s faces are not symmetrical. One eye might be wider than the other. Your bottom lip is not as full as the top. Creating symmetry is a time-consuming, nearly impossible task using traditional cosmetics. Permanent makeup can increase symmetry, putting an end to bad makeup days.

More Solutions
Permanent makeup can camouflage scars or help breast cancer survivors restore nipple and areolas through tattooing. Hair loss, whether from chemo treatment or alopecia, can be remedied through scalp micropigmentation, a scalp tattoo that resembles a freshly shaved head. Permanent makeup is also an appealing option for people with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, cataracts or aftereffects of stroke so they can look their best without the frustrating physical challenges of applying makeup.

It’s a Money Saver
Top-quality cosmetics cost top dollar, and you throw them away every few months and replenish your stash. Despite the initial costs, permanent makeup saves you money in the long run. Permanent eyeliner lasts up to three years, lipstick from three to five years, and tattooed eyebrows about one to two years. With the average procedure ranging from $250 to $600, it’s no wonder the permanent makeup industry is booming.

With so many benefits, permanent makeup may be right for you. Just be mindful that the inks and dyes used in permanent makeup are color additives that are still being evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As with any procedure, speak to your doctor as well as research the qualifications of the person wielding the special pen. Ensure that the equipment used in the procedure is sterile and sanitized. Finally, be aware that permanent makeup can’t be easily removed, and you can have only one color tattooed on your skin. But the good news here is that it will gradually fade over time, so there’s your opportunity to change colors.

Wake up looking your very best with permanent makeup. Few risks make this a beauty trend worth researching. With minimal down time, reasonable price tags and so many choices, why not take your appearance to the next level!

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