Natural and Neutral Beauty Trends

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Bridal beauty for 2018 is all about neutral hues, natural styles and looking like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Minimalistic makeup paired with sleek styles, textured hair and
messy braids will complement your dream dress and complete your look.

Two months before the big day, brides may find themselves choosing between an elegant up-do or a side-swept chignon, a bold lip or a smoky eye. Brides emphasize the little details because they make up the finished product, and no bridal style is complete without the perfect hair and makeup. Whether you’re considering a chic and simple look or daring to jump outside of your comfort zone, these 2018 hair and makeup trends are sure to inspire you.

Beige, Brown and Bold Brows
Designers from Bridal Fashion Week 2018 opted for an overall minimal makeup look for their runway models, an unpredicted decision that worked so well. When your goal is to show off the dress of a lifetime, a clean canvas is the best way to accomplish that. Bold brows accented by brown and beige eyeshadows allow your eye color to pop in your wedding photos.

Dramatic Eye Detail
With such a rich, versatile eye palette, you can accentuate your lids with a minimal addition of metallic eyeliner that will really make your eyes pop. A shimmering sweep of gold or rose gold will highlight the inner corner of your eyes and open them up. Finish them off with dramatic false lashes or a voluminous waterproof mascara. Brides should consider eyelash extensions as the perfect alternative to reapplying mascara throughout their emotional wedding day. Lash extensions are long-lasting and easily applied and removed by a professional.

Clean Nude Lips
Nude or brown tone matte lips pair perfectly with a natural face and hints of bronzer for a warm glow. Dewy highlights and pops of neutral pink gloss complete the look and last throughout your wedding day, eliminating the need to exit your reception to reapply. A pearly, light lip will neutralize heavier eyes and still keep your overall look bright, fresh and beautifully bridal.

Straight Manes and Sleek Ponytails
While romantic curls are usually the go-to bridal style, straight tresses are a hit this season. This is a favored style for brides with short hair who want to show off their fashion-forward cuts. Playing off the widely popular minimalistic beauty trend, brides who are planning a modern wedding can pull off a more casual style. Sleek ponytails also dominated the runway in an effort to prove that simple doesn’t mean lack of style. Brides can accessorize their ponytails with pearl hair ties or crystal ponytail holders for added elegance.

Playful Headbands and Textures
Jeweled headbands, in lieu of veils, lend extra shine to your locks without masking any part of your bridal beauty. Featuring rhinestones, opals and floral structures, headbands are the perfect balance between playful and posh, adding a dreamy touch to any hairstyle.

The bridal runway was filled with natural styles that emphasized lush textures. It’s deemed unconventional for brides to show up on their wedding day rocking their natural hair style, but why don a tight bun if it’s something you would never wear on a regular basis? You don’t have to choose something completely dramatic or different to look special. In 2018, it’s all about the unexpected. On your big day, go laissez-hair! You’ll thank yourself later, when you spend the final hours of your wedding day toasting your new husband instead of cringing while removing dozens of bobby pins.

Messy Braids
Whether it’s in crown form, defining a half-up half-down ’do or a flexible fishtail, braids are always a popular bridal style! There’s something about the fuss-free, intricate style that is both ultra-romantic and youthful. Braids are a favored summer wedding hairstyle, keeping hair, and the heat, off your neck without committing to a full up-do.

Messy, loose braids are a great option for brides planning a whimsical or rustic wedding. They are easily accented with headpieces or veils and they’re a fabulous canvas for showcasing stunning accessories such as vintage earrings or a diamond necklace. If a side braid isn’t your style, you can incorporate the look by defining your topknot or opting for loose Dutch braids to accent an intricate gown.

Small-Scale Floral Accents
Flower crowns were a style staple for the past few years, but this season, small hints of florals cascading through curls and braids are the new trend. Add dainty baby’s breath to your chignon or scatter daisies throughout locks for the ultimate outdoor-inspired detail.

This season, bridal hair and makeup trends emphasize brides’ natural beauty, so primp accordingly and celebrate your unrefined features! ■

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