It’s Your Beautiful Hair Day!

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Your bridal events, showers, teas and the big day are all approaching, and you’ve got it all planned out—the gorgeous dresses, perfectly paired shoes and accompanying accessories, but what about your hairstyle?

The pièce de résistance for any wedding look, the hairstyle is often the one component that takes the longest to decide. Do you wear it up or down, curled or braided? The options are endless! If you’re wondering what styles to choose for nuptial events this year or even beyond, look no further.

Chic Curls
A classic look without a doubt, curls are the easiest style to do at home with a few products. Curls are also versatile; they can be chic and wavy, sleek and even voluminous depending on what you want. Another advantage to curls is that accessorizing them is endless; add a bit of sparkle with a barrette and create a half-up, half-down look, incorporate a lovely headband or ribbon or add fresh flowers that mirror your bouquet and wedding theme. Bold headbands with glamorous details such as pearl embellishments and shiny studs will also make a statement with your curls, or with a sleek, pulled back look.

Create curls by prepping clean hair with your favorite styling products and then curling hair with a one and a half- or two-inch barrel. Fluff it out or brush when you’re finished and spritz with a fine mist spray to keep them in place all day and night.

More Accessories
If your wedding dress features floral trim, try a simple wavy style with a face-framing clip with silk or organza flowers. This trend will definitely be easy to find at your bridal shop, or create your own.

A Juliet cap with veil will cover a little, but if you have long hair, keep it forward in waves or tendrils; it’s oh so romantic. Another new look is white floppy hat! This trend pulls the hair forward in loose curls, fluffed to both sides or only one side to show off a neckline.

To make a statement as you walk down the aisle, think about pulling your hair back and adding an oversized bow to set off your dress. An alternative is a dangling headband placed on the back of your head; this look is beautiful with natural hair styles.

Retro Waves
Vintage-inspired waves are a stylish revival for this year. This look is easy to recreate on your own by curling the hair inward rather than outward, then pin hair away from the face on one side for the final touch. If you curl your hair often and want to give your hair a special style, this trend creates an old Hollywood vibe.

Pony or Topknot
A sleek high ponytail is a gorgeous option if you have long hair and prefer a straight and glossy look. Pull out a few tendrils on both sides and in the back to curl, and even wrap the pony into a messy topknot. This look is perfect for an outdoor setting and shows off statement jewelry and your dress. To give your hair that envious glossy sheen, brush the hair up into a high pony, secure with a clear band and then wrap an inner strand of hair around the band to secure in place. If you prefer a sleek look, use a shimmering hair oil to smooth flyaways in place and give the style a beautiful glossy look! Then add an accessory or flower headband if you like that look.

Braided Love
There’s no limit to the possible styles you can create with braided hair. Updos, half-updos, side braids; the choices are really endless. Braided styles are best done with a stylist so they can get everything in place perfectly, but if you want to do a front or side braid you can easily find tutorials and styles on YouTube.
Do you have short hair? You don’t have to feel left out of the braided look. Working with a stylist, braid in extensions for volume and length to give you that gorgeous braided style you want.

Updos and Buns
Use the glamour of a wedding to your advantage and go a little more formal! Updos don’t have to be overly proper; there are many lovely styles that add volume and beauty to the hair with loose pieces to give it a more modern look. Another option is to do a knotted updo or bun and accent it with a beautiful gold or sparkly headband.

Updos and buns can be as simple or as intricate as you want. For added volume and length to get more creative, work with a stylist and incorporate hair extensions to give your style added dimension.

Here’s to beautiful brides; enjoy your wedding day! ■

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