Holiday Glam

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Dig those hot rollers out of the closet, pull your hair into a classy up-do, smear on the red-red lipstick and smudge your eyeshadow to near-raccoon status. The holidays are all about making a statement, whether it be glamorous, chic or trendy. From Thanksgiving Eve to New Year’s Day, nearly anything goes. Now is your time to shine, or not; it’s completely up to you!

Throw the “glam” into glamorous with a gorgeous up-do. If you’re pulling your hair into a sleek bun, gel up first to hold those wispy pieces and fly-aways in place. Add a bit of shine-enhancing serum for a high-gloss, high-style look. The beauty of the topknot is that you can make it as dressy as you like, depending on how loosely you pull your hair up; the tighter the bun, the dressier the style. Add interest by French braiding the hair around your face and nape of your neck before pulling it back. Add volume by teasing your hair at the crown before pulling it into the knot. Dark lips will pop your features and contrast nicely with the stark look of this hair-do.

Loose waves are so Hollywood, and during the holidays they’re just perfect no matter which city you choose as your party zone. Use heated or velcro rollers to create the waves, then smooth them with a paddle brush for a softer curl. A tiny bit of hairspray will keep your curls in place when you’re heating it up on the dance floor.

Add interest and intrigue while attending a festive party by changing the texture of your hair. If it’s curly, swipe it with a straightening iron. If it’s straight, add waves or enhance your look with hair extensions. Experiment with plaits and finger waves. Fish tails and French braids add a fun, flirty touch to any look. Pair the style with a sparkly pair of dangling earrings and bright red lips.

Play around with accessories. Slip a sparkly headband into your up-do. Pull back a piece of hair at the side of your face with a vintage or sequined brooch or clip. When it comes to accessorizing the hair, though, keep it simple and on only one side of the head.

If you’ve ever nurtured a desire to change up your hair color, the holidays are the time. Rich, bold colors are hot and enhance the jewel tones of traditional seasonal party dresses. Maybe you’re a blonde who has been yearning to live as a redhead for a bit or a brunette who wants to add a pop of burgundy. If you don’t want to commit, ask your stylist about a gloss that washes out after six to eight shampoos or a semi-permanent that fades with washing. Or consider adding a weave or a clip-on volumizer in a different color to give new interest to your tresses.

Most days of the year, we’re taught to avoid wearing both a bold lip and heavy eye simultaneously. The holidays are prime time to break that rule. Feel free to take the liberty to add sparkles, too. To create even more dazzle, pair a sparkly shadow with a jewel-toned eyeliner to match your dress. Add a touch of glittering lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip for a snazzy pout and to add dimension and shine.

Play with your eyeshadow. Use a waterproof eyeliner to line the rims of the eyes. Open your eyes and create a glow to your face by dabbing the inner corners with a cream highlighter. Brush a gold or silver eyeshadow below your bottom lashes for a touch of fun. Create a goddess-like look by also using the golds and silver on your upper lids, or smudge them with navy, deep green or purple.

Lash it up! Adding lush, long lashes will pop your eyes and add a dramatic, glamorous effect. Apply an extra coat of mascara. The heavier and thicker the fringe, the more exotic your eyes and face will appear.

Red, red lips are hot during the holidays and almost always work. If you’re not quite so daring, try a berry stain. Opt for an au natural pout by skipping the lipstick and applying a gloss instead. Make it holiday-worthy and fun by lining first with a colored lip liner and then glossing with a shine stick. Be careful not to apply the lip liner too heavily or you’ll look more circus ready than party glamorous.

Don’t forget your cheeks! Add a healthy glow with blush in pinks and corals. Brush a bit of sparkly gold powder or eye shadow onto your cheekbones for a party-ready highlight.

Above all, achieve a fabulous, healthy glow by maintaining a sensible diet, limiting sugar and alcohol and taking care of your skin. The best holiday glam shines from the inside out! HLM

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