Holiday Glam and Style: Hair and Eyes

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The glamour of the holidays is upon us and now that the outfits have been selected, it’s time to finish off the most important details–hair and makeup! The holiday season is the perfect excuse to break out of neutral color palettes and everyday hairstyles to create a chic and festive appearance.

Think about creating a dramatic look with a deep stained lip or creating lush waves with your hair, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Whether you feel comfortable using a lip stain or you want to play up the eyes, there is plenty of holiday hair and makeup inspiration to use in creating your stunning holiday look!

Your jewelry isn’t the only accessory to show off during a holiday party. Hair and makeup can often make or break an outfit. As you begin to plan your final beauty details, keep your holiday dress, pantsuit or accessories in mind so you have an idea how your hair or makeup will complement or contrast with the rest of your style. For some, a holiday party is the essential time to create a glamorous, vintage Hollywood hairstyle! The timeless look of cascading waves is one that complements any outfit and adds a sophisticated touch for a holiday event. When you’re short on time, classic waves are a beautiful way to go; simply set the hair in hot rollers and get dressed, then remove the rollers once they’ve cooled and set into place with a fine mist of hairspray. For the ultimate holiday chic look, sweep your hair over one shoulder and subtly secure the hair in place at the nape with small hairpins.

Sparkles and jewels are a must-have for any holiday party, and a hair accessory is no exception. Accent a loose or tousled updo with a jeweled barrette or hairclip; the jeweled accessory will add a touch of glamour to an otherwise casual style. A jeweled headband is perfect when you want to keep the hair down and slicked back but still want to play up an otherwise simple style. When your holiday outfit is glittering and sequined, choose a hairstyle that complements, not overpowers, your look. A stunning topknot is classic and sophisticated, while drawing attention to your accessories and outfit. Keep a bun or topknot sleek and polished with a shine spray.

Enhance a look with lift to take your everyday hairstyle from the office to a night out. If you don’t have much time to get ready, teasing the under sections of the hair and smoothing with a paddle brush is all you need to create some eye-catching drama, or use the volume to make a sophisticated ponytail in a matter of minutes. Keeping the volume at the top, slick back the sides and secure the hair with a clear elastic band for a dramatic, edgier style.

The final touch to a holiday look is the makeup. Whether you want to go dramatic or subtle, there are chic options for everyone! The first step to creating a holiday look is to determine what part of the face you want to accentuate. For many, a crimson-red lipstick is the quintessential holiday look to wear to any event, while others like to play up the eyes with metallic shadows or a smoky palette. Choose one or the other; you don’t want to look overdone when you tie the hair and outfit together. Wear a dramatic lipstick with a neutral eyeshadow or classic eyeliner, or opt for a nude lip when creating a rich, smoky eye.

If you want to enhance your everyday makeup routine, add a hint of shimmer to the eyes and lips to heighten the glamour factor. A gold or bronze shimmering shadow on the inner corners of the eyes brightens and warms up the face. Show off dewy, luminescent skin at your event; you don’t want your skin to come across as dull in any of the photos! Use a moisturizer on the skin and deeply hydrate the face before applying makeup. Add a touch of shimmer to the face with a highlighting cream and apply to high points across the skin, including the temples, cheekbones, nose, Cupid’s bow on the upper lip and chin. Enhance the rest of your skin with a shimmering moisturizer to add a hint of color along your collarbone, arms and legs.

With the stress and bustle of the holiday season, it’s nice to relax and glam up for a holiday event or party. Spend time thinking about your hair and makeup in the week or two leading up to the festivities; never make it an afterthought because it can detract from your overall style. Use a holiday event as an excuse to try something dramatic or enhance your everyday look with a touch of shimmer or color!