Exfoliation: Get Your Skin Wedding-Day Ready

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Wedding planning entails a number of emotions, from excitement and fun to a bit of stress thrown into the mix. By the time you’re ready to walk down the aisle, you want your skin looking as flawless as possible!

Like many other aspects of wedding planning, your skin care regimen should be started enough in advance of the wedding date to give you time to address your concerns, whether that means combating fine lines and wrinkles, brightening up your skin’s overall appearance or reducing dry patches or discoloration.

Skin care experts have provided a number of tips to ensure you have perfect skin come wedding time; the best rule of thumb is to start as soon as you set a wedding date! Dermatologists suggest following a month-to-month guide to give yourself plenty of time to treat and maintain a healthy skin care routine.

Twelve Months
As soon as you set your wedding date, book an appointment to see a dermatologist. Go over any of your concerns with your doctor, including signs of aging, acne or if you simply want to rejuvenate the skin to create a healthy glow for your wedding day. Apply sunscreen to the skin daily, even in winter, to protect it against unusual tan lines or sun damage. This is especially important if you plan to wear a strapless or sleeveless gown.

Six Months
Continue to follow up with your dermatologist and make any adjustments needed for your skin care routine. Consistency is key when using skin care products, and straying from a routine could actually create more issues for the skin. Keep in mind that time is needed to achieve and see results. Dermatologists also warn that breakouts at the start of a skin care routine are common and will clear up naturally, another reason you want to start well in advance of your wedding day! Dermatologists also suggest drinking plenty of water and getting exercise to reduce stress and remove toxins from the body as you get deeper into wedding planning.

Three Months
Continue to check in with your dermatologist and maintain consistent skin care as directed. Begin additional skin care treatments such as body polishing–exfoliating with sugar or salt scrubs–to remove dry skin and reveal a healthier, smoother complexion. If you need to spray tan, this is an ideal time to experiment with ideal shades and application techniques to narrow down the best options for your wedding day.

One Month
Schedule your makeup application and determine which colors or products you want to use for your skin. Brightening products and vitamin C serums may also be used to enhance a natural glow. Dermatologists recommended adding a skin care budget into the overall wedding beauty budget to ensure you have enough to cover your products and skin appointments.

Week Before
Take special care to make sure your skin is as smooth and bright as possible. Gentle exfoliation or doctor-supervised skin peels should be done one to two weeks before the wedding to allow time for redness to subside. Avoid direct sunlight after exfoliation or chemical peels, as the skin will be more sensitive and prone to burning. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep and drink plenty of water!

Day Before
Give your skin that final boost of hydration with a mask. A hydrating, cooling gel mask is ideal to reduce any puffiness around the eyes and face.

For any bride, a number of skin care treatments are effective and help facilitate a bright and smooth appearance. Exfoliation is key to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface; your skin will look and feel healthier and it helps skin care products soak in more readily and work properly.

Every bride–indeed, every woman–stands to benefit from exfoliation. A variety of factors increase the accumulation of dead skin cells, including weather and seasons, pollution levels, sun exposure and even the skin care products used. Additionally, dermatologists suggest those with sensitive skin experience increased benefits through exfoliation.

Exfoliation helps combat numerous skin conditions, including discoloration, clogged pores and premature aging. Removing dry skin cells from the face and brightening up the appearance also improves the look and feel of wedding day makeup. It allows products to go on smoother and reduces the risk of foundation or powder caking up in fine lines and wrinkles.

For best results, dermatologists suggest undergoing skin exfoliation treatments at least four times each year. Methods include using at-home products such as mechanical facial exfoliation devices, using handmade body polishing scrubs (equal parts sugar or sea salt mixed with a hydrating oil, such as olive, shea or coconut) or having exfoliation treatments under the supervision of a dermatologist. ■

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