Curve Appeal

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Having been a plus size woman my entire adult life, I have felt it was best to blend in when it came to fashion and beauty, to avoid drawing more attention to my size. Well, it is 2018 and the fashion and beauty communities are finally embracing a new idea.

It’s time for plus size women to stand up, stand out and throw away the ideology that we must conform to an old philosophy of how to look slimmer. Movie and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn said, “Happy girls are the prettiest,” and plus size women are finally getting the selection and opportunity to showcase their love of fashion and trends. This shift makes us very happy, which simultaneously, according to Audrey, makes us the prettiest!

Curvaceous women today have more choices than ever. Here are some fashion and beauty tips for these lovely ladies.

No More Rules
Throw the style rule book out of the window. Do not conform to rigid fashion rules that conventionally suggest plus size women should not wear certain items and trends. The traditional recommendations include the thought that plus size women cannot wear horizontal stripes, big patterns, bold colors, white or baggy shapes. Every woman can wear these items if it makes them feel good. That is what matters.

Don’t Settle
While this has been changing for the better, there is still minimal selection to choose from in smaller boutiques and some brick-and-mortar retailers. Even though choices may be limited, don’t settle for bad quality or a poor fit. Take the time to seek out pieces that are quality.

Believe in Your Gut
Since you are now disregarding the rules, that might mean that you are trying on horizontal stripes for the first time. You feel beautiful but hesitate to purchase, wondering if it is “flattering” enough. The reality is, if you feel like you look fabulous in something, then you probably do. That gut instinct and belief in your beauty is reason enough to invest in the piece!

When to Shop
Don’t shop when you’re not feeling good about yourself. Staring at yourself in a large mirror under bad lighting while trying on clothing or makeup sets you up for a bad shopping experience. That is why it is so important to go shopping when you are feeling positive about yourself. If you are having a self-confident day or even an hour, then that is the time to shop.

Skin Care, Not Makeup
Skin care is the most important beauty tip for a woman of any size. It is important to focus on your skin, as it is your canvas. Seeking out a professional who will let you sample and help you find the best products for your skin is a vital first step in any beauty routine. Glowing skin is the first layer of self-confidence.

Bold Lips
Beauty trends in recent seasons have been a lot of fun. The simplest way to add an element of fashion to your beauty regimen is to incorporate a bold lip color. Liquid lipstick is the most long-lasting option, and many lines have a large range of colors. Adding a pop of color on your mouth enhances any fashion moment.

Move Toward Trends
It is important to invest in the basics. Every woman needs a little black dress. However, picking trendy pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe gives you the ability to be creative with relevant fashion you are seeing in the magazine pages and on the fashion bloggers you follow. Also, fashion trends always come back in style, so don’t be afraid to store away some key trendy items you love and bring them back out when they return to style again.

Know Good Fashion Resources
As we know, we shouldn’t settle for poor quality because we have limited selections most of the time in plus size fashion. This means knowing the available resources is crucial to finding great products and pieces. A 2017 Glamour survey found seven well-known multistore retailers that stocked plus size clothing. Otherwise, popular plus size online retailers include A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz, ASOS Curve, ELOQUII and Kay Unger. There are many more; do some research and try out pieces from different retailers to know your go-to favorites.

Find Fashion Inspiration
Follow plus size women on social media for inspiration and to see how an item can fit on a body that looks similar to your own. Most influencers include where to purchase the pieces or products they have, which can help you discover your favorites. Get inspired and be creative with your fashion! ■

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