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Strong Bonds

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I grew up with a very close Italian family here in Kansas City. My cousins, aunts and uncles are some of my favorite people. 

Nearly every weekend of my childhood, I remember us all together at my grandmother’s house on the north end of downtown KC.

With time passing and our family expanding exponentially, it gets harder to see everyone as much as we would like. Our quarantine time this year has made it even harder. But despite all the changes with how often we gather together, our bond could not be stronger.

That is the thing about a strong family; you just can’t break that bond. I am grateful to my grandparents for teaching us the importance of family and value of good relationships.

The way we spend time together of late (thanks, corona) may be different now but the connection is still very much the same. All the little things matter. Comments and likes when a family member posts a picture of their kids on Facebook. Quick text messages to check in on each other. Some smaller family gatherings. Even though they all seem like little things, they are intentional and heartfelt.

My cousin, Laurie, was one of my best friends as a child, and now our little girls have that same bond. This is a picture of my youngest daughter, Aubrianna, with her second cousin, Aubrie. They are “best friends” and it melts my heart. They are carbon copies of my cousin and me. The bond even at an early age is strong. In this picture, they are just two Italian girls enjoying some pasta in the sun together. It’s simple and perfect. 

In a time when life doesn’t seem simple or perfect some days, I count my family blessing each day. 

Wishing your families health and happiness as we round out summer and head into the fall.

Meteorologist Erin Little starts your day off with a smile and the forecast each morning on KCTV5 News This Morning. With over a decade of experience forecasting the weather in Kansas City, she understands it’s not all about the weather, but how it will impact our busy lives. Erin is thrilled to be raising her three young children in her hometown of Lee’s Summit. You can find her Monday through Friday, 4:30 a. m. to 7:00 a.m. on KCTV5 News. Connect with Erin: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @erinkctv5.