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Moms Are Magical

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I say this to my kids nearly every week.

When they ask, “How did you know what I was thinking, Mom?” “Moms are magical.”

“Where did you find my missing shoe?” “Moms are magical.”

“What is the answer to this homework assignment?” Okay, maybe this one doesn’t always apply!

I can’t take credit for my magic; I get it from my amazing mother. She is always there. The big moments. The little moments. All the milestones. She is always there. Supporting her daughter’s crazy dream, like working on TV. Celebrating the holidays; she always knows where the Easter Bunny hides the best eggs. The sun seems to shine a little brighter on fun field trips together, especially train rides at the Kansas City Zoo. And no birthday celebration is complete without her.

It makes me teary-eyed thinking about how much I love my mom. I am so very grateful for her every day. The only thing better than my love for her is the love my children have for her too.

My daughter, Aubrianna, spent the day at her house recently and she said the sweetest thing to my mom. She told my mom that she loves going to her house because her Grammy reminds her of her mom—me! Ahhhh; I melted when my mom told me. There is no better compliment.

For my daughter to see my mom in me: mission accomplished!

Magic isn’t a moment, it’s a feeling, and to all my fellow moms, I hope you all feel this magic too. Happy Mother’s Day!

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