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Full Circle

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 As a mother of three young children these things don’t exist in my normal life: taking an Uber, ordering dinner without looking at the kids’ options first, and Saturday nights in Downtown Kansas City.  

The stars aligned for a special evening out with family a few weeks ago for a 40th birthday celebration. After some serious consideration–we decided to go big or go home!–we planned an extraordinary evening in Downtown KC #AdultsOnly. Now let me explain. This extraordinary evening involved snagging an Uber from Lee’s Summit to Downtown KC (no car seats involved), drinks before dinner (no sippy cups allowed) and dinner with unlimited time to enjoy good food and conversation (with no rushing to leave before toddler meltdown mode). The entire evening, I kept circling back to one thought—I am so proud of our city! The energy in Downtown KC is contagious and the revitalization over recent years is really remarkable.  

Growing up in Kansas City, I can vividly remember special days with my grandmother riding the city bus into Downtown Kansas City to shop at The Jones Store. I can’t recall buying one thing, but I do remember feeling special to spend time with her on those special days. And it’s not just about the places, but the people and our sense of community. I have a flood of wonderful memories at the City Market with my grandfather on Saturday mornings. At the time. I felt so small strolling through the sea of people aisle by aisle. We were always on the pursuit for the perfect summer peaches. I can only imagine how happy my grandparents would be to see the spirit in our city.

I think it truly is a blessing to live in such a great city. I know my grandparents were proud to be from Kansas City, and it’s something special I now share with my parents and my own children.

Written by: Erin Little

Meteorologist Erin Little starts your day off with a smile and the forecast each morning on KCTV5 News This Morning. With over a decade of experience forecasting the weather in Kansas City, she understands it’s not all about the weather, but how it will impact our busy lives. Erin is thrilled to be raising her three young children in her hometown of Lee’s Summit. You can find her Monday through Friday, 4:30 a. m. to 7:00 a.m. on KCTV5 News. Connect with Erin: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @erinkctv5.