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Beaming with Pride

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This is one of my favorite pictures of my middle love, Allie Jean, and me. 

There is no good lighting. There is no special occasion. But she is beaming with pride in this moment and I could not love it more.

Let me backtrack for a moment. We took this picture in our basement on a random Wednesday after school. It’s normal when the kids come home from school that we all head to our basement a few times during the work week. We have converted half of our basement into a space for working out, the other half a playroom.

Alongside our treadmill, the TV.

Next to our weights, our Fisher Price toddler slide.

On that Wednesday I happened to get a full workout in. I never ask my kids to join me, but some days they do for fun, from yoga on the iPad to doing burpees like Mom. They know that Mommy likes to work out because it makes my heart happy. In all honesty, I do it for my heart and body, but some days just to have a better mental headspace. 

On this day I noticed my middle little love was silently doing her own “workout” next to me. I encouraged her and told her how impressed I was with her workout moves. We smiled at each other and kept going. My daughter decided to keep going all the way until the end of my workout. Afterwards we shared a sweaty smile and hug together. She was so darn proud of herself. I asked her if she planned to work out the whole time, and she said, “No, Mommy, but I decided to try to make it all the way until the end like you. I did it!” I told her that I was so proud of her, not for working out but for making a goal and crushing it. Turns out her workout that day had nothing to do with sweating it out, but instead learning she can do anything she works hard to accomplish. It’s a great life lesson for both of us. Mommy is so proud of you every day, Allie Jean! I love you.

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