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Spotlight on The Therapy House

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There it is, your upcoming massage appointment on the calendar. But you’re wishing it were today, dreaming of how the stress and grind of everyday life will melt away under the skilled hands of your masseuse. But while the relaxation is key, wouldn’t you like to take it to the next level of actual healing?

“At The Therapy House, we try to understand your lifestyle and your life so we can be more effective,” noted Jordan Woodson, owner, The Therapy House. “We can do relaxation massages but the average person is wanting more, resolving the reason for their pain. You can trust our therapists because they have been trained to listen and understand what you want and need. We’re not a revolving door of therapists offering cookie-cutter massages. We are driven by the need to understand the therapeutic needs of our clients.”


Individualized Massage Experience

Therapeutic massage is a process of maintaining your body in peak condition, much in the way you maintain your car. At The Therapy House, the staff takes great pride in achieving a deeper level of therapy for every client. While relaxation massages are certainly offered by Jordan and her highly trained staff, they deliver so much more.

“We specialize in body repair work, with structural integration and body rebalancing as our forte. The Therapy House has six highly trained and effective therapists, each one with a master’s level of certification and a particular area or areas of the body they focus on,” revealed Jordan. “Perhaps you’ve been injured in an accident, you’re dealing with a nagging sports injury or you’re suffering from over-extended muscles, we can address your concerns and help you solve those problems.”

The Therapy House offers studio coordinators trained to match the patient with the therapist who specializes in meeting that need. “I teach my therapists to be body detectives and assess your particular ailment,” remarked Jordan. “Maybe it’s pain in a client’s shoulder or a low back injury. Maybe it goes back to a high school sports injury, or perhaps you have neck pain because you sit at a desk all day, or maybe your back is aching because you’re carrying children. We’ll put together a plan to help you resolve your issues.”


Massages to Meet Your Needs

The menu of services at The Therapy House can meet just about anyone’s needs. The House Massage is your ultimate relaxation and stress-reducing experience. The therapist uses varied gliding and kneading strokes with light to medium pressure to promote circulation and a complete release of tension, leaving you with a renewed sense of well-being.

A Master Therapist Massage is tailored to relieve or eliminate your symptoms by primarily treating the areas responsible for your pain. This means your entire session is focused on relieving your core symptoms. “By working with a Master Therapist, our clients experience more immediate and longer lasting relief than previously achieved through massage, physical therapy or chiropractic treatments alone,” revealed Jordan.

At the advanced end of the spectrum of services is the Medical Massage, which is massage therapy prescribed by a physician and performed by a qualified therapist following the directions of that doctor. Depending on your situation, medical insurance may cover the costs associated with Medical Massage. The staff is happy to work with you to determine your coverage with these services. “We do amazing work with people suffering from fibromyalgia. In fact, massage may allow a client to cut back on pain medications,” commented Jordan.


Body Care and Aromatherapy

Not only does Jordan offer incredible massage therapy services, she is also on the cutting edge of all-natural, no-chemical-component products used in the sessions and available for purchase. “This is my own private body line that I’ve been creating for more than 12 years,” she shared. “The oils and body butters have fewer than nine ingredients in them. They’re ideal for the person who has allergies.”

Her Nature By The Drop line is an amazing collection of artisan body care products, hand crafted exclusively by The Therapy House, using only the finest all-natural ingredients. The Zendle candle not only gives off a calming aroma but it can also be used as a body butter after massage or your own bath at home.

Whether you’re looking for natural products or massage therapy, you can find it with Jordan and her staff. “At The Therapy House, we feature a safe place to come and discuss your health concerns,” advised Jordan. “It’s great to get a massage, but here you’ll find a home to help you with your overall well-being. We will be the last place you need to visit for therapy because we are driven to make a difference in the lives of our clients. That’s what I went into this business to achieve.” HLM


Visit The Therapy House at 7620 Metcalf, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913-362-4800.