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Spotlight on New World Realty

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Each year tens of thousands of homes are purchased in the Kansas City metro area. Most were sold the same way that homes have been sold for decades, with Realtors, brokers and real estate agencies consuming a sizable chunk of the homeowner’s equity.


Beginning in 2014, a different way to sell or buy a new home came onto the forefront with New World Realty, a real estate agency offering low flat-rate fees to sell your home, leaving you with more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. In 2015 alone, New World Realty saved Kansas City homeowners over $500,000 in traditional real estate commission.


Innovative approach to selling your home

“For most home buyers, gone are the days of needing a listing agent to find your home based on a set of requirements,” noted New World Realty Broker Tera Jensen. “Most people take advantage of the many online listing sites to search for homes and then simply provide that information to the agent to show them the home. The buyers are actually doing a sizable portion of the work, so why pay traditional real estate commissions when you’re doing the searching?”


New World Realty is a real estate broker with a better way to sell and buy homes, putting control in your hands and saving you thousands of dollars. The agency brings more than 30 years of experience in selling and buying real estate in the Kansas City area.


“We are not just a broker; we’re also business owners who know that there are better ways to buy and sell a home,” remarked Tera. “You should have options when selling and buying your home, and we can offer you an opportunity to save thousands of dollars while receiving all the support, marketing and promotion that are provided through traditional real estate companies.”


When you list with New World Realty, your home will become a part of the Multiple Listing Service for Kansas City, which is used by all real estate companies. Your home will also be placed on the real estate search engines that everyone uses when they hunt for homes. “You will be given access to all the standard documentation and resources required for the home selling process,” promised Tera. “You will also be provided with a New World Realty yard sign and lock box for buyers’ agents to use when showing your home.”


Experience is their asset

When you list your home with New World Realty, you will have a full team behind you to assist in the sales process. “Our agents are extremely experienced, and I’m in my 17th year of real estate,” remarked Tera. “We’ve completed more transactions in the past two years than many others have done in a decade. They have the backing from this company to meet the needs of agents and their clients.”


The flat fee service at New World Realty includes a professional photographer that will come to your home and capture its best features. Taking full advantage of MLS listing capabilities, the maximum 25 photos allowed will be posted to promote your home.


Services for the clients

But while New World Realty is saving you thousands of dollars, Tera emphasizes you should not think of this business as a discount brokerage service. “We’re a flat-fee real estate broker, but some homeowners incorrectly assume we’re not doing as much for them as a real estate agency making six percent in commissions. However, we represent clients the same as what I did at other real estate agencies where I have worked in the past,” noted Tera. “Basically, all buyers are finding houses online and telling their agents what they want to see. They see homes online just as quickly as the agents. Open houses and printed materials really are a thing of the past because you can get everything you need online.”


New World Realty strives to make selling and buying a home an easy and efficient process by using technology and new ways of thinking. Sell your current home or find the home of your dreams while saving thousands of dollars by using the services of New World Realty. HLM


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