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Reverse Medical Spa: Anti-Aging Solutions to Create the Best You

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When it comes to seeking anti-aging treatments, the staff at Reverse Medical Spa is focused on educating clients rather than pushing a hard sales pitch for expensive offerings. They pride themselves on working with women and men, 17 to 77 years of age, to achieve the outcomes they want and building a plan to reach their goals. Reverse Medical Spa boasts thousands of happy patients with non-invasive and no-downtime customized skin and body treatments in a safe, relaxing and worry-free environment.

“We talk about the whole picture, such as budget, timeframe, process and more. Then we discuss how to combine at-home skincare to back up the treatments. To maximize the impact, it becomes a reallocation of discretionary funds to develop the correct process to look the best you can,” noted Sandra Karley, BSN, Reverse Medical Spa. “The educational emphasis is critical at Reverse Medical Spa instead of a hard sell. We want clients to understand what’s going on with their skin and the options available for treatment. From there, they make educated decisions that are best for them.”

“Are you back from vacation?”
“Anti-aging treatments can be done very naturally; in fact, people may think you’ve enjoyed a relaxing vacation,” advised Nicole Kleiss, Reverse Medical Spa. “But now you don’t have deep frown lines in your forehead, yet it looks so natural.”

The Lenexa, Kansas-based medical spa facility has provided skin and body treatments to women and men for more than 15 years. Sandra and her staff deliver much more than anti-aging medical spa treatments. They consider it a tremendous privilege to guide patients through the creation of a structured, individualized plan to look and feel better and gain a boost in confidence. “It all begins with a free consultation,” noted Sandra. “You don’t need to know the solutions. You only need to be willing to take that first step. We will listen, assess your condition and walk you through the possibilities.”

“No matter your concern, whether wrinkles, incontinence, complexion and skin rejuvenation, fat or hair removal, we provide a customized, highly personalized treatment plan, all under the direction of a medical doctor,” promised Nicole.

Turn Back Time
Reverse Medical Spa is driven by the mission of “Three Steps to the Best You.” The first is the free consultation, when you discuss your concerns and goals with a staff member. Next, a staff member analyzes your conditions and discussed potential opportunities to reverse problem areas. Together, you’ll create an individualized corrective treatment plan that’s built around your expectations, budget and schedule. “The Best You” will be realized as Reverse Medical Spa escorts you through each segment to assist you in managing your treatments and defining the steps to maintain your results.

Reverse Medical Spa focuses on several key areas to help you “bring your best you forward” and reverse the effects of time with anti-aging skin and body treatments. For wrinkle reduction, Botox™, injectables and fillers could be employed. Sandra, one of the few full-time injectors in the KC-metro, works with you to achieve your desired results. Perhaps you need skin rejuvenation, which would entail skin tightening or Intense Pulsed Light procedures. Having problems with stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away? Call upon fat removal procedures such as CoolSculpting™ for body contouring. Facial treatments could include medical-grade facials, microdermabrasions or chemical peels. Reverse Medical Spa also offers specialized plans for men, featuring Botox, fillers, facials and laser hair removal.

On the Cutting Edge
For the past few years, Reverse Medical Spa has offered incontinence treatment for women and men with the remarkable Emsella™, the only FDA-approved device for the treatment of incontinence. Reverse Medical Spa was the first location in the KC-metro to feature Emsella, with a treatment plan that’s as easy as sitting in a chair. “Emsella has grown in popularity as the only non-invasive and no-down-time treatment for incontinence in the U.S. market,” noted Nicole. “Emsella is the new alternative to surgery or pelvic floor therapy.”

Reverse Medical Spa is extremely proud to offer medical-grade products for home use featuring the skinbetter science® lineup. In just four years, these amazing products have captured 23 industry awards. skinbetter science has collected coveted awards from top beauty curators that realize its technology is the best available. “These are physician-grade, skincare products, FDA approved, with the most impressive outcomes on the market,” stated Nicole. “skinbetter offers new technology with the latest and greatest ingredients to deliver the most effective results. It has won 23 industry awards since it hit the market, which is totally unheard of.”

If you’re thinking about anti-aging treatments or opportunities to turn back the hands of time with more youthful skin and body appearance, talk with the experienced staff at Reverse Medical Spa. They’ll listen to your concerns and help you develop the best plan to achieve your goals based on your expectations, budget and schedule.

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