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Elevated Living: Uplifting Your Outdoor Living Spaces

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While COVID-19 had many of us sheltering at home, it didn’t mean that we were stuck inside four walls. Many pushed their living outdoors to escape the indoors and enjoy the beauty of their backyards. But some homeowners noticed their scenery looked tired and in need of some major updates. That’s when Parker Whitney and his capable staff of Elevated Living came to the rescue.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, business slowed because of furloughs. But after the first month or so it came back, and it has exploded. Now, more than ever, we’re showing people that being outside is awesome. You don’t have to be confined to four walls but to what nature provides you,” said Parker. “Updating your landscaping can add more value to your house; there is a return. Many homeowners consider it an investment in their home and at the same time, they’re enjoying what’s going on outside. Now, you have an inviting and comforting space for the whole family versus being on a couch watching TV.”

Ideas Galore
Elevated Living, 1812 East Kansas City Road, Suite 200, Olathe, Kansas, is a premier landscape and design company focused on creating a new outdoor environment or fixing issues you might have in your outdoor spaces. Parker and his staff take great pride in attending to every detail and creating spaces to be lived in, not just looked at. “Life is truly better outdoors, and landscaping is more than having it look great. It means providing a space to create lasting memories,” shared Parker. “We want to help you elevate your life with your landscape design, irrigation solutions and outdoor living spaces.”

Parker’s business sense sprouted at the age of ten when he started mowing yards and doing small landscape jobs around his hometown of Wichita. He continued to hone his green-thumb expertise until he went to Kansas State University, eventually graduating with a degree in landscape design. He spent 12 years in the industry, developing his business skill set, which led to his establishment of Elevated Living in 2018.

From landscaping, hardscaping to irrigation, lighting, water features and more, Elevated Living is blooming with ideas. Parker is extremely proud of the talent he’s assembled on his staff of ten highly talented individuals. Experienced designers, landscape architects, project managers, irrigation specialists and workers are up to date on current designs in outdoor spaces and landscapes. His dedicated crew members are focused on working the soil or building the hardscape. Everyone concentrates on satisfying the customer with the final, elevated product.

Earth, Water, Comfort
“We’re a turnkey company; we can even set you up with a designer to help you plan the flow of furniture in your new space. We’re pleased that we’ve partnered with an outdoor water feature company, Good Earth Water Gardens, in Kansas City, Missouri, to build and maintain water features for your landscape. In addition, we can recommend other companies to help maintain the plantings for you and ensure their longevity. We’re here to work with you to create and maintain the perfect design for you.”

It’s this individualized approach at Elevated Living that’s bringing in a bumper crop of satisfied clients. Only the best materials will be considered for the job, all while staying within your budget. Staff will come to you with open ears to create an outdoor space that works for you and your home. No matter if it’s a patio, pergola or pond, your dreams can be realized with Elevated Living.

“We have many return customers because of the solid relationships we’ve built over the last two years. Many new customer referrals come from those past clients,” commented Parker. “At Elevated Living, we focus on growing relationships with everyone including our employees, customers and vendors. We’re there for the customer for the long run, and we stand behind our work. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.”

Always Custom
Before the first spade turns the ground on your project, Parker and his team are building these tight relationships. On-site consultations offer the opportunity to understand your wants and needs while constructing a design customized for you. A newly revamped website guides you with style ideas and suggestions. “For me, the focus is on my team, and everyone is involved. I carry the vision, but my team is the one that completes the project, from lighting to irrigation to hardscaping, everything for your landscaping needs,” promised Parker. “From my landscape specialists to the staff in the office and the installation team, we want customers to smile at the end of their project.”

Isn’t now the time to uplift your outdoor living spaces with Parker and his team at Elevated Living? If you’re looking for ways to create outdoor memories or simply wanting to change your daily view, they will create a space to be lived in, not just looked at. Life is truly better outdoors, and landscaping is more than having it look great. 

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