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Quinn Plastic Surgery: Specialists in Breast Reconstruction

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Michael Quinn begins his consultations by asking his patients if they perform monthly breast self-examinations, and he will take the time to instruct women on the correct way to execute them.

“For every single patient I see that’s breast related I always strongly recommend that they have mammograms when the time comes and they do their own self-examination. It’s troubling to me that so many patients I see do not check themselves and many don’t want to check themselves,” noted the Overland Park, Kansas, surgeon. “Breast self-examination can be life-saving, and when combined with mammograms, they increase your level of safety in detecting breast cancer.”

Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Quinn and his staff at Quinn Plastic Surgery Center specialize in plastic surgery for patients in the Kansas City metro with individualized care and exceptional results, especially in the area of breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. Breast reconstruction is often required for a single or double mastectomy survivor. In addition to restoring a normal look and feel to the breast, reconstruction surgery may also add a nipple or transform the shape or size of the remaining tissue. With precision and a creative skillset, Dr. Quinn can return a natural and balanced look to a patient’s chest.

Obligation-free, complimentary consultations are obtainable for cosmetic patients, and the staff at Quinn Plastic Surgery Center is happy to meet with potential patients about their plastic surgery options. Dr. Quinn prides himself on his ability to listen to patients in order to achieve the desired result. Yet he ensures realistic expectations are established because the breast reconstruction process requires patience. He reports that most patients can expect a course of six months to a year to achieve the final look. Breast reconstruction for cancer or cancer prevention is typically covered by health insurance.

“The most important starting point is the patient’s having realistic expectations and patience. My nurse and I will spend quality time explaining the appearance of a small breast mound with an expander in place,” revealed Dr. Quinn. “With newer methods and different technologies, we can add a little more volume to the breast so it has a better shape, more projection and more fullness, which gradually improves with time.”

Aiding Recovery
The objective of breast reconstruction is to restore a patient’s body image according to her realistic goals. This process plays an important part on the road to recovery after breast cancer treatment. A number of options must be considered when determining a breast reconstruction regimen. Dr. Quinn will discuss with you the surgical technique, type of implant and coordinating the procedure with the mastectomy. His customized procedures set him apart from other Kansas City-area plastic surgeons, generating lovely and natural-looking results for his patients.

“The type of expander, the shape of the expander and enhancing the volume during the initial procedure have improved over time. New techniques have allowed us to add an additional layer over the implant to give it a better look and allow more expansion at the time of surgery by using a regenerative tissue matrix coverage over the lower portion of the implant,” shared Dr. Quinn. “Lastly, we have an imaging device that we use to evaluate the blood supply to the skin flap from the mastectomy so we can add volume safely.”

In the last few years, Dr. Quinn estimates he has performed 300 to 400 breast augmentations a year. More than three decades of experience in carrying out plastic surgery procedures on patients of all ages and body types demonstrate his expansive expertise, experience and knowledge. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Personal Care
Not only is Dr. Quinn focused on breast augmentation, but he offers other body contouring surgeries such as mommy makeovers, tummy tucks or liposuction. He can also address hand surgeries for carpal tunnel, trigger finger and ganglions, or benign cysts. In addition, the Quinn Medical Day Spa, adjacent to the surgery center, offers all the non-invasive treatments you need to look and feel your best. CoolSculpting®, Thermage®, laser hair removal and other spa treatments are completed by highly trained aestheticians and a proficient nurse injector. With their experience and Dr. Quinn’s oversight, you can be confident you’ll receive the most current and effective medical skin care treatments and products. Whether you’re interested in dermal fillers, chemical peels or other aesthetic services, Quinn Medical Day Spa is devoted to providing a satisfying and invigorating experience to every patient.

When you’re facing the prospect of a breast reconstruction, augmentation or other types of plastic surgery, look to the highly qualified Dr. John Michael Quinn and his staff at Quinn Plastic Surgery Center. If you’re needing a rejuvenating non-invasive treatment to help you look your best, visit Quinn Medical Day Spa. With both facilities, you’ll bring out the best in your body.

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