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Patients are the Priority at Johnson County OB/GYN

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It’s been said it takes a village to raise a child. It also requires a quality healthcare system to welcome those little ones into the world. At Johnson County OB/GYN, the knowledgeable staff has successfully delivered tens of thousands of babies during its decades of service to the KC community.

The facility’s seven physicians have more than a hundred years of combined experience focused on obstetrics, gynecology and overall women’s health care. “At Johnson County OB/GYN, we provide the highest quality of care with great compassion for our patients. When our group delivers a baby, our goal is to make that the patient’s best day of her life,” noted Corinna Cooper, MD, FACOG. “We want our patients to feel that we listen to them and they know they are our priority.”

“We’re patient inclusive. The staff presents options and participates in the decision that needs to be made, but we don’t tell our patients what to do,” stated Melanie Martin, MD. “In the end, they understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Of course, certain guidelines are established as best practices and we abide by those, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some customization within the guidelines.”

Long History of Women’s Healthcare
Johnson County OB/GYN was founded nearly four decades ago by Dr. Cranston Cederlind. Three years later, Dr. Randy Sheridan joined him, followed by other doctors over the years. The practice specializes in all areas of women’s health including pregnancy, infertility, menopause, birth control, adolescent health, pelvic prolapse and more. The physicians employ minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever possible, including robotic and total laparoscopic hysterectomy, endometrial ablation and incontinence procedures.

A point of emphasis this year has been the goal of decreasing patient wait times by increasing the teamwork approach within the staff. The doctors and staff recognize the value of the time patients spend in the office and how busy their lives are.

Accessible Office Location
The physicians at Johnson County OB/GYN deliver primarily at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Twelve years ago, they built their own office building, which provides convenience and easy accessibility. The facility affords patients some protection from exposure to viruses sometimes present in sick patients visiting larger medical office buildings.

“One of the advantages of our location is easy access from Interstate 35,” commented Dr. Martin. “In addition, we’re not on a huge hospital campus, which means we have our own parking, close to the door. When you’re pregnant, that’s a big plus.”

“I’d add that it’s a non-threatening environment. We’re the only people here,” advised Dr. Cooper. “You don’t have to navigate to the third or fifth floor of the building. You don’t have to figure out where your doctor’s practice is located. At Johnson County OB/GYN, you walk through the door and we’re right there.”

Welcoming Atmosphere
Additionally, the facility was remodeled about three years ago. The resulting environment is far from clinical, but fresh, welcoming and inviting, with a spa-like atmosphere and soothing interior colors of turquoise and blue.

Drs. Cooper and Martin emphasize that Johnson County OB/GYN offers its own ultrasound rooms, which provide patients with convenience and immediate results. “The ultrasound rooms are a huge asset,” shared Dr. Cooper. “They’re large enough that family members can be present without being crowded. There are comfortable beds and large TV monitors to watch the ultrasound taking place.”

“Because they’re at the facility, ultrasounds are available all day, every hour, and can be coordinated with a patient’s appointment,” added Dr. Martin. “If something comes up in the exam, we can have an immediate ultrasound with immediate results. It helps us alleviate the patient’s anxiety and address the problem much more quickly.”

Another convenient service is a LabCorp operation that does blood work and handles pathology. “It’s convenient for patients, and they get to know the phlebotomist, so it’s more comfortable for them,” shared Dr. Martin. “If the doctors have questions, we can quickly access that information.”

New Staff Member, Dr. Megan Brown
Johnson County OB/GYN is proud to welcome Dr. Megan Brown, who has joined the team this month. Dr. Brown will be accepting new patients as she assimilates into one of the leading practices in the KC-metro.

“We’re pleased to have Dr. Brown join us and our solid team environment. At Johnson County OB/GYN, each of the physicians has someone just down the hall to ask questions of and confer with,” noted Dr. Cooper. “We’re a team; you can ask about things you haven’t seen before, and that’s especially important for a new physician or our nurse practitioners. I’ve never hesitated to ask for help from my partners. I can count on them at any hour of the day or night.”

No matter what your women’s health concerns are, the caring staff and experienced physicians of Johnson County OB/GYN will be delighted to assist you in a relaxed, comfortable environment. ■

Visit the office at 7440 W. Frontage Road, Merriam, Kansas, the website at or call 913-236-6455.