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Brain Balance Achievement Centers: Foundation for Future Success

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From soccer games and ballet lessons to math tutoring and doctor visits, parents spend a lot of money for their children to enjoy new experiences, enhance their skill sets and establish healthy lifestyles. Many see it as an investment in their future. For Overland Park, Kansas, mom Micaela Widman and her husband, Jerad, Brain Balance was that investment, and a very worthwhile one.

“If you can fix their teeth for $7,000, why not fix your kid’s brain for that same amount or even less? Thanks to Brain Balance, my son, Kai, will be happier, more productive and function in positive ways. It is an investment in him, the foundation of his future success,” noted the mother of six. “If you met him today, you would never believe what he went through and what he did. If he hadn’t gotten the help, he would have been at zero functioning. It was grim.”

Kai’s Story
Sixteen-year-old Kai was struggling with behavioral issues. In fact, he was so disruptive in class, his school asked the Widmans to not bring him back. “He started having anxiety and then moved to OCD and bipolar irrational behavior, but he was off the charts for intelligence,” recalled Micaela. “Kai would lie down on the teacher’s desk and talk out in class. He micromanaged his siblings and picked fights with them. He would repeat phrases over and over and have a faraway look on his face. He was combative and very negative, accusing people and picking fights. In fact, he was suicidal; he couldn’t stop the torturous thoughts in his head.”

Micaela was introduced to Brain Balance by a friend whose child had experienced tremendous improvements in the program. Her recommendation and the potential for Kai to enjoy a normal life was the hope the family had been seeking. Following the assessment, Kai began his individualized program at Brain Balance in Overland Park. Additionally, he was referred to Dr. Alex Nelson, a functional neurological chiropractor, to address his medical issues. “The program helped him get better and the results were amazing,” shared Micaela.

Wide-Spectrum Success
Brain Balance Achievement Centers offer a cutting-edge, drug-free approach to help children with academics, behavior and socialization. Brain Balance serves a population of children with or without a diagnosis, but the firm commonly sees children that have been diagnosed with ADHD, autism spectrum, sensory processing and many other neuro-behavioral disorders. Essentially, Brain Balance addresses the root cause of the child’s struggles by improving brain function.

The Brain Balance whole-child approach begins with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The assessment determines if there is a functional disconnection between the two hemispheres of the brain. An objective and quantifiable measurement of each area of function–motor, sensory, behavioral, social, emotional and cognitive–that encompasses over 900 different functions is assessed in a single three- to four-hour session.

Each child receives an individualized program that incorporates sensory motor and cognitive programming. In addition, families commit to a supplemental home program. Brain Balance is a joint commitment that leads to a healthier and more active lifestyle for the whole family, ultimately improving the child’s quality of life.

Focus on Brain Development
The Brain Balance Program integrates three key areas of brain development–sensory motor, cognitive and nutrition. The program is about restoring balance between the right and left sides of the brain so they’re synchronized and working together. The nutrition program, Balance 360, gives families step-by-step guidance toward a clean-eating system. This integrated approach is what makes Brain Balance unique and effective.

“At Brain Balance, you have people who understand the brain. Through the program, they get the two sides of the brain aligned,” commented Micaela. “They find the root of the problem and dig it out, just like you do when you weed your garden. There are no medications. With Brain Balance, Kai’s problems went away.”

Micaela was so excited about the program that when she noted some minor issues with her other children, they were enrolled in Brain Balance as well. “It’s the best money we ever spent,” she noted.

As for now, Micaela says that Kai is doing well. He’s carrying straight A’s in his junior year of high school; he has a job and gets along with his siblings. “Kai is just a fabulous teenager with a bright future. At times, he still feels on edge, but he’s in complete control of it and he is highly functioning,” she shared. “He enjoys life and he’s not depressed or suicidal. In fact, he just placed fifth in the state diving tournament. As for Brain Balance, all I can say is it saved our family. It was the best investment we ever made in our kids.” ■

Visit the center at 6406 College Blvd., Overland Park, Kansas, call 913-627-9400 or visit the website at