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Luxury Brow KC: Creating Beautiful Faces with Care

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Passion. That is what Dax McLoughlin and Madison Jones have for their art, the art of permanent makeup for brows, eyeliner, lips and lashes, and the wide variety of luxurious facial procedures they offer, including dermaplaning waxes and masks. And the duo has fun in the hip, welcoming spa locale in the Crossroads. McLoughlin discovered it simply by driving around, and she loves being downtown. 

She has plans to move, expand, and definitely stay in the Crossroads, where the spa has been for almost three years. “You want to come see us because we’re really fun!” Dax smiled. “The environment at Luxury Brow is open. We don’t have private rooms and that was done intentionally. I wanted everyone to participate in conversation, even with women they don’t know. Sometimes we get a little rowdy, but we absolutely love it!” Their target clientele is all women, from preteens and teens to seniors, and everyone in between.

The Brow Experts
Dax explains it was by happenstance that she entered this cosmetic industry. “About 15 years ago, I had my brows permanently done and I was so happy with the results and the time it saved me in the morning, I decided to become licensed in both aesthetics and permanent makeup shortly after that,” she noted. “I am originally from the Republic of Panama and moved to the United States when I was 16 years old. I’ve been back in Kansas City for almost three years and now KC cannot get rid of me. I absolutely love it here!”

Before moving back to Kansas City, McLoughlin lived in Western Kansas, where she owned a med spa for ten years. That is where she met Madison Jones, who became a client when Jones was in high school. “She nannied my four children for a few summers. When I moved to Kansas City, Madison was living here when I arrived, and she waited oh-so patiently while I built a clientele,” she asserted. “After a year at Luxury Brow, Madison has been able to leave her full-time nanny position after six years with the same family.”

Madison decided to go to aesthetics school several years ago and has actively been a makeup artist in Kansas City. She has a passion, like Dax, for beauty, and the positive relationship the women had made it a natural idea for the two to work together. Dax stays busy doing permanent makeup, while Madison focuses on brow laminations and facials. “We are definitely known for our brows and Saturday mimosas!” Dax smiled.

Staying in Touch
Although the pandemic was hard on many businesses, they used the opportunity to stay active on social media. Both understood that people were home staring at themselves on Zoom, and looking at their brows over their masks, so Luxury Brow KC was able to maintain their clientele.

“Madison and I make it a priority to stay very involved in the community with our pop-up brow bar,” she continued. “Businesses all over Kansas City have invited us to their events with our pop-up! It’s such a great opportunity to talk to women and give them a small service.”

It is fun to see a pair of ladies doing what they love and spreading positivity to all the women they meet, not to mention making their faces a little brighter, which makes smiles a little wider.

Luxury Brow KC is located at 620 E. 18th St., Suite 202, Kansas City, Missouri. For more information, visit, or call them at 913-222-4519. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.