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Knotty Rug

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Darrel Wingo is all tied up in knots. But for him, it’s a good thing as the owner of The Knotty Rug Company in Kansas City, Kansas. Darrell prides himself on providing the largest selection of hand-knotted, high quality area rugs in the metro area.
Darrel has personally selected every rug in his collection. Most of them are one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted wool rugs, made by craftsmen from around the world just as they’ve been for centuries. At The Knotty Rug Company you’ll find antique, semi-antique and modern rugs that will amaze you with exquisite detail and artistry.
“At The Knotty Rug Company, we sell fine, hand-knotted area rugs to both designers and retail clients. Our collection comes from India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey and many other countries featuring oriental patterns and modern styles,” noted Darrel. “We specialize in a wonderful selection of antique rugs about 100 years old, to semi-antique ones around 50 years old and currently produced rugs. They’re all hand knotted and from all over the world.”
In 2003, The Knotty Rug Company began when Darrel, a specialty paint contractor at the time, was asked by a client to help her find a rug. Darrel began researching rugs, and became enthralled with the history, artistry, quality and beauty of hand-knotted oriental rugs. He started a personal collection and continued to add more treasures as he found them. After a brief time this collection of rugs exceeded his personal needs, and he began selling them from his garage. His reputation as the leading purveyor of hand-knotted rugs grew, and he searched for a retail location to meet the needs of his customers. The first store was housed in an antique store in Kansas City’s Crossroads district. In 2007, a permanent home was established at 4510 Stateline Road, west of the Country Club Plaza.
“Hand-knotted rugs have a great history and longevity that you can’t get with a machined rug. A knotted rug has pile that’s tied around the foundation, and the yarn can’t be pulled out, which means it can last forever,” revealed Darrel. “In an industrial setting, machines can weave a rug but they can’t hand knot them. A tufted rug has yarn that goes in and out, which gives the rug no stability. To keep the yarn in place, a foundation is glued onto the back to hold everything together. Eventually, the glue gives out and so does the yarn.”
But hand-knotted rugs from The Knotty Rug Company are made by Middle Eastern families or in weaving facilities such as those found in India or Nepal. It may take up to a year for a family to produce a 9’ x 12’ rug, but they’re the most desirable because they’re one of a kind. The human hand offers subtleties in weaving that separate each one as a masterpiece. Weaving facilities work with a team of weavers around the clock to complete a rug in a few weeks.
High-quality hand knotted rugs can be considered an investment because they can be handed down from generation to generation. Through direct importing, we are able to offer our customers high quality for a great price. Buying high quality and taking good care of the rug are what make the difference.
While the selection is superb, Darrel says that the impeccable service offered at The Knotty Rug Company is key to his success. “We really work hard to help our customers. We have five people on the gallery floor to work with you,” he added. “We can even bring your selection to your home to decide if it fits your décor.” To further assist you, many of the rugs offered at The Knotty Rug Company are featured on its website so customers can peruse the selection in the comfort of their home. Darrel suggests starting there to help you hone in on the style and color you prefer. The website is constantly updated.
“At The Knotty Rug you’ll find an extensive offering of high quality pieces, greater variety and more service than at any other shop in town,” promised Darrel. “No matter what you’re looking for, we can get it for you. We have something for everyone.”
In addition, Darrel also has a tremendous selection of high quality pieces at a 50 percent discount, which is a great way to get started in decorating your home with beautiful hand-knotted rugs. Also, professional rug cleaning, featuring a deep, wet wash, deodorizing and expert repairs are offered.
If your task of finding a new area rug has you all tied up in knots, stop by The Knotty Rug Company and shop KC’s largest and most complete selection of fashionable, hand-knotted pieces for your home that will last a lifetime.
Visit the showroom at 4510 State Line Road, Kansas City, Kansas, the website at or call 913-677-1877.