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Just Say I Do KC: A Fresh Approach to “I Do”

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Every bride-to-be visualizes and plans her wedding to be the best day of
her life.

And when the vows have been exchanged, the cake has been cut and the bouquet tossed, what you take away from the experience is not a monogrammed cocktail napkin or a custom koozie, but a lifelong commitment to your spouse and a new last name.

That’s what Kate Morris realized after enduring a hectic wedding planning process. Despite her 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she went through the planning anxiety and strain that every bride does. “My wedding started with 200 guests. Once I got older, I realized it wasn’t feasible for us. I went through planning for two years trying to figure out how to get my dream day without spending a fortune.”

Popping In
Eventually, Kate knew she had to downsize and get creative. “My sister and I wanted small weddings, but we were having trouble finding what we wanted for the budget we set.” She began researching different types of weddings all over the United States and quickly grew fond of the pop-up theme.

A pop-up wedding is a pre-planned, professionally executed, economical way to get married. The happy couples simply show up to the beautifully decorated venue for a three-hour celebration with their closest loved ones.

Kate wanted to find an alternative to the courthouse, to give brides and grooms a destination wedding-type event without the expense. “I liked the concept,” she said, “but I wanted more of that regular wedding vibe—the big-wedding feel on a small-wedding budget.”

Kate’s Alternative
A pop-up wedding includes all the bells and whistles without the cost, anxiety and stress that come with traditional wedding planning. The location and time of the wedding is as unique as the variety of vendors and soon-to-be newlyweds themselves!

An increasing number of couples are choosing to avoid the traditional, elaborate, expensive route of wedding planning. When planning a traditional wedding, the costs of renting a venue and booking a handful of vendors can quickly add up. By choosing Just Say I Do KC, brides and grooms receive a complete, high-quality, professionally planned wedding all for the cost of a few traditional wedding services.

Just Say I Do KC is the perfect option for a variety of brides: vow renewals, second weddings, older brides and brides who want a memorable, meaningful day without breaking the bank. “We have a son who is three and rocks an extra chromosome,” said one soon-to-be pop-up couple. “Busy with physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy, we do not focus our dreams on marriage, though it would mean the world to us.” Another couple, busy raising five kids, said, “We’ve been trying to put together a wedding for a couple of years now and after not getting much done, we’ve decided something quick and easy is the way to go!”

One Click for Freedom
Just Say I Do KC takes the headaches out of decision-making and eliminates endless budgeting; simply go online, browse the dates and themes available and Just Say I Do KC will take care of the rest. Each wedding is different, and according to Kate, “that’s the fun part!” It’s a great opportunity for the vendors to have creative freedom that they don’t always get and put their own artistic spin on a special detail for your big day.

A good wedding planner will always be able to help bring your Pinterest board dreams to reality, but Just Say I Do KC goes above and beyond because Kate has experienced the roller-coaster of wedding planning herself. “Anybody who’s planned their own knows how expensive and stressful it is,” she said. “Days beforehand, even hours prior to the wedding you can get so wrapped up in those little details that you don’t get to focus on what’s happening; you don’t get to be present in the moment.”

With Just Say I DO KC, brides get just that: the option to be present. And while the flowers will wither, the reception will end and the music will fade, the memories won’t. You can confidently enter your new life as newlyweds knowing you laughed, loved and enjoyed each moment of your wedding.

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