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HighPointe Financial Group: Superior Strategies for Women

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U. S. Bureau of Labor statistics indicate that 90 percent of all women will be in charge of their financial future at some point in their lives. Some women take on the responsibility and keep it their entire lives, while others discover themselves in charge due to divorce or the death of their significant others. Unfortunately, many of them are inexperienced with finances. Some have no clue how to manage money because they’ve relied on someone else to do it. It’s critical to a woman’s future to be knowledgeable and engaged when it comes to finances because having a strategy based on hope is no strategy at all.

But that’s not to say you can’t call upon financial professionals to help you plan and execute a monetary strategy. That’s why the experienced professionals at HighPointe Financial Group should be on your list of contacts.

Financial Worth
“Women plan family schedules and run households. Aren’t they already planning for their financial future? Women are primary breadwinners in more than 40 percent of American households and, in many households, they are the sole breadwinner, according to Prudential’s 2018 Financial Wellness Census. And primary breadwinner or not, they still shoulder the majority of the burden with household or family roles,” noted Paul Rodden, Co-General Agent, HighPointe Financial Group. “Women are more likely to become caregivers for their parents, often managing financial matters and juggling the care of parents and children. Women still earn less than men during their working years, yet they live longer, which makes planning for retirement more important than ever.”

At HighPointe Financial Group, LLC, a MassMutual firm, experienced people, exceptional products and a realistic, needs-based approach to a client’s financial strategy are its commitment to the marketplace. As Paul noted, it’s not about fitting you into a category or pushing you into a sale. HighPointe Financial Group professionals partner closely with you to comprehend your unique situation and financial goals. They’ll help you push through the hurdles that could surface as you build a solid financial future.

Intentional Planning
“HighPointe is a full-service financial services company. We have a team of skilled individuals in multiple areas: financial planning, investment management and insurance products, just to name a few,” shared Paul. “Our mission statement is: to empower our clients and advisors to succeed in an ever-changing financial climate by providing a winning environment focused on holistic financial planning, collaboration, technology and quality products and services.”

These fine qualities are shared with all clients, and HighPointe is at the ready to develop and carry out this planning process, especially for women. “Do women need their own plans? Yes, yes, yes. Your goals and current situation are unique; your plan should be too,” remarked Paul. “Women worry more than men about everything, including financial security. The best way to combat worrying is by gaining an understanding and taking steps toward solutions.”

Not only are you working with a team of top professionals, but HighPointe also offers a variety of products and solutions to meet your individualized needs. This wide range of offerings is designed to provide clients with the flexibility they’ve been searching for during the unique situations life pitches their way. You, working alongside your advisor, can choose from 529 college savings plans, annuities, disability income insurance, IRAs, life insurance, long term care and so much more.

Trusted Advisors
“It’s not about fitting you into a category or rushing you into a sale. It isn’t as intimidating as some would like to make it seem. Everyone needs to recognize that the first step is to reach out and ask for help. Find someone whom you can trust to help you,” commented Paul. “This is really a conversation about a number of financial and non-financial matters. Ultimately, what keeps you up at night? What do you want to accomplish in your goals and dreams? What are you willing and able to do to reach them? We help our clients through the whole process, every step of the way.”

It’s easy to see HighPointe Financial Group is a leader in assisting Kansas Citians, especially women, develop and plan their financial future. It’s about taking charge of your monetary matters with a solid strategy versus one that only relies on hope.

“Women are underserved in the community. Historically, financial services is a male-dominated industry that tends to solve problems in ways that relate to men,” advised Paul. “At HighPointe Financial Group, we are dedicated to cultivating more successful female advisors because we believe this is the single best way to reach and help the women in our community who want and need resources and guidance. In a world of robo-advisors and apps, we still take the time to understand. Technology is helpful, but trusted human relationships are key to families achieving their financial goals.”

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