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Andie MacDowell – Healthy is Beautiful

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Andie MacDowell: Healthy is Beautiful


“I’ve been in the beauty business for 25 years, and I know being healthy is being beautiful as well. It’s a fallacy that to have good looks you have to be young because there’s no expiration date on beauty.”

These keen words of insight come from actress and L’Oreal spokesperson Andie MacDowell, who was recently in town to celebrate North Kansas City Hospital’s inaugural Wine & Wisdom Series for Club W. The program is dedicated to offering health education to a community of women seeking happier, healthier lifestyles. Andie, who starred in the movies Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Sex, Lies, and Videotape, shared her personal story of health advocacy during Club W’s kickoff evening event of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and conversation.


Advocating for Heart Health

Andie, a long-time heart health activist, shared the impact poor heart health has had on her personal life. Her mother passed away after a heart attack when she was just 53 years old; Andie was only 23. She also discussed actionable steps audiences can take to improve their heart health, including open communication with healthcare professionals. “After losing my mother to a heart attack, I realized how important it is to take an active role in your health,” noted the 57-year-old. “Since cardiovascular disease affects so many lives, it is crucial that people communicate effectively with their health care professional.”

In conjunction with these discussions, she urges women to eat well by consuming fruits, vegetables and lean meats. She also recommends exercising, seeking out solid health research, taking vitamins and learning how to cook healthy. These solid messages of prevention are the foundation of the educational programming shared by Club W with women in the KC metro. “Club W offers the potential to reach a lot of women in a very fun way. Each event will have a different message and everyone will walk away with a new snippet about health,” she stated. “Club W is for anyone who believes that living a healthy life is very important and wants to encourage others to do the same.”


Support from NKCH

While Club W is brand new, North Kansas City Hospital has been the Northland’s preferred healthcare provider for more than half a century. NKCH is an acute-care facility with 451 licensed beds and 550 physicians representing 49 medical specialties. Its award-winning programs are a fine complement to the Club W series. “It’s a beautiful concept to have women come together to support each other, which can enable improvements for all women,” noted Andie. “Women are the nurturers in the family, but many times they don’t take the time to concentrate on their own health needs. If they’re not healthy, they can’t help others.”

Not only are they running the household; women are making key decisions about healthcare for everyone in the home. It’s estimated that women make 75 percent of these decisions for their family. Therefore, if a woman is educated about making sound health care decisions, a whole unit of people is positively impacted.


The Essence of Well-Being 

This powerful health information can make a huge difference for women and their families. Andie has given her children the tools to build their own healthy lifestyle. “My kids are very active and love good food,” she shared. “I hike with my sisters and I have a nice healthy bond with them. We even send recipes to each other.”

According to Andie, sharing insights on developing a healthy lifestyle is critical and not a need-to-do but a have-to-do. “Being healthy is something you want to do because not only do you want to be beautiful, but strong and vital, too,” remarked Andie. “The mind, body and spirit are so attached and connected. At my age, I know that it’s not only about looking good but feeling great and growing self-esteem.”


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