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Just Sayin’

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I’ve always been able to feel other people’s emotional pain. Now, I’m sure lots of people have that ability. That’s part of being a sensitive human being.  

But I knew something was a little different and over-the-top with the way I feel it. Sometimes it can last for days, weeks. It can overtake pretty much everything else going on in my mind. I’m an empath. By definition, it’s one who is highly sensitive to the feelings of others. Empaths are hypersensitive people who experience a high level of compassion. 

Sometimes it feels like a blessing. Other times, it feels like a curse. For example, a few weeks ago I learned of a friend who lost her twins halfway through her pregnancy, a mother who lost her teen daughter in a horrific car crash and a father who died unexpectedly, leaving behind a wife and several children. All in one week. It was overload for this empath. It kicked my anxiety into high gear. My heart and mind could barely handle all that I felt for these families whose lives were forever changed. I became fearful that something like that could happen in my world. The obsessive thoughts began to spiral.

I feel very exposed admitting this. In fact, every time I write or speak about my life-long battle with anxiety on the air I feel that way. I do it because I want others to know they are far from alone. Our society speaks about physical health and wellness often and freely. But there is still a stigma around mental health. I hope by sharing, I can help break that down. I encourage others to do the same. There is comfort in knowing we aren’t alone, whatever the

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