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Just Sayin’

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When I think back on my life, I can clearly pick out the women who had great influence over me along the way. I’d like to highlight a few—Oprah, Nicky and Cindy. My guess is you recognize only one of those names!

Oprah. I faithfully watched her show every single day for years and years. As a female getting started with my radio career, I knew I’d have lots of celebrity interview opportunities and interactions with the general public, so I started to really pay attention to the way she connected with and interviewed people. She listened so intently to every word out of every guest’s mouth. She had a warm and sincere vibe. And for such a well-known, wealthy celebrity, she just had a way of making me feel as if I were spending an hour with my bestie every afternoon as I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show! I’m not now and will likely never be an Oprah, but I learned a great deal by watching her and I’ve tried to follow her example.

Nicky. My best friend in Florida. I lived there during my 20s after escaping my dysfunctional childhood in Maryland. I got my start on a radio station in West Palm Beach and in walked Nicky, our new promotions director. I can picture her to this day with her huge smile and bubbly personality. I liked her immediately and hoped we could become friends. Well, we did. And she has shown me the absolute definition of friendship for almost 20 years. I could fill up every page in this magazine sharing stories about what a wonderful human being she is and how lucky I feel to call her my best friend. With every friendship I encounter, I think of her example and try to give my whole heart just like she does.

And finally, Cindy. My mother-in-law. When I met my husband, I had just gotten out of an extremely toxic, years-long relationship. I had a bit of a history of that sort of thing. The details are for another day. But the point is, I found true love the day I met her son and when I met Cindy, I knew immediately that I had hit the jackpot in the MIL department. She and my father-in-law have been married for over 40 years and have shown me what true love, partnership and an amazing marriage look like.

Cheers to the women in our lives who help shape and encourage us!

Written by: Mix 93.3 Personality Jenny Matthews

Jenny Matthews was on the air at Mix 93.3 for 15 years and recently moved to Q104 to co-host The Morning Drive with Mike Kellar + Jenny Matthews, 6:00 to 10:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. Check out her podcast, Real Life with Jenny Matthews, follow along with her blog and connect at